The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 14, 1928
Playoff Game Last Season Ended in Fizzle After Boston Clash

The long delayed question of soccer supremacy and championship honors which failed to materialize last season between what appeared to have been the logical opponents, due to a technical ruling in which Bethlehem was the victim, will be decided on home loam here on Saturday afternoon, when New Bedford invades Lehigh field for an American Soccer League clash.

New Bedford will invade the lair of the home towners with a team reputed much stronger than the club of last year but a team which in losing games by a narrow margin has yet to strike its winning stride. And with three games packed away as conditioners fans look to the visitors to assume that stride against Bethlehem.

In the Bethlehem club the rivals will meet a team which undoubtedly is strengthened by the acquisition of several new players. This is particularly true insofar as the forward line is concerned and to win the New Bedford defense will have to stop one of the most formidable front lines in the league. A forward line that can boast of every man a shot and what is more a dangerous shot when in the vicinity of the goal. From all angles the game gives promise of being a rip snorting affair.

In the announcement of the tentative lineup, brilliant and diminutive Johnny Rollo who is playing outside left and has already made fans forget all about Malcolm Goldie, the veteran in that position for a number of years, is listed to start in that position. Rollo is playing excellent football and [...] though the management, as well as the fans no doubt, would like to give Johnny McGrillen a chance to display his wares, it is deemed advisable to stick to the policy of keeping intact a winning combination. Rollo will start but it is certain that before the final whistle McGrillen will be given an opportunity to make his American debut if the run of the game warrants a change.

The suggestions made by the Bethlehem Boosters to eliminate a certain annoyance experience by the spectators will be rigidly enforced. Youngsters who are not accompanied by their parents will be refused admission to the grand stand. This is to eliminate the running back and forth during the progress of the game which certainly distracts from the interest. Spectators will also be prohibited from crowding out on the playing pitch during the intermission. James Walder, of Philadelphia, will handle the game. The probable lineups follow:

Bethlehem -- New Bedford
Edwards -- G -- Blair
Allan -- RFB -- McMillan
J. Barrie -- LFB -- H[...]
W. Barrie -- RHB -- Maxwell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor -- LHB -- Watson
Gillespie -- OR -- [...]
Jaap -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Patterson
Massie -- IL -- Howleson
Rollo -- OL -- Best

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club