The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 15, 1924
Archie Playing First Game With Bethlehem Steel Stars Against Phillies

by F. S. Nonnemacher
Archie Stark, playing his first game with the Bethlehem Steel F. C., went over big on Saturday with the fans and the reception accorded the newcomer to the local ranks indicates that he is going to be a prime favorite. All that the former New York F. C. center and leading scorer in the American Soccer League last season did was to register four of Bethlehem's counters in the Steel Workers' 7 to 1 victory over the Philadelphia F. C. in the opening American League game.

Philadelphia did not present the opposition that was expected and fairly indicated that, unless new talent is secured, the Quakers will again land at the bottom of the heap in the league race. Most brilliant in the playing of the visiting aggregation were Roehl, a big German, who worked out several times with the Steel team, and MacAvoy, another local dribbler, both of whom were signed and pressed into service after the Philadelphians got here.

The victory was costly in that Dave Carson, goalkeeper, was injured and Turner, a Bethlehem front liner sprang a "charlie horse." Both were crippled in the first half, Carson leaving the game early and the citadel was left in charge of Jock Young. However, the Bethlehem goalie returned for the second half, but Turner did not come back and the Bethlehem team opposed the Phillies in the final half of the game with only ten men.

Another newcomer to the local ranks was Duncan Cameron, an inside forward. Cameron showed clever form in manipulating the ball but as yet seems to lack condition in carrying the pace to the finish. However, this showing can probably be attributed to the late arrival of the new forward. Bill Carnihan and Johnny Grainger, both regulars, were missing in the lineup because of illness.

How Points Were Scored

The game was hardly under way before it became readily apparent that the visitors would prove little opposition for the Steel Workers. Bethlehem started to attack the Philadelphia goal and narrowly missed scoring when Cameron, on a beautiful cross from Turner, headed against the cross bar. Bother Turner and Goldie were crossing accurately and Stark's first opportunity to score came when Turner shot the ball across directly in front of the goal. In the brief scrimmage Stark shot the ball into the net.

This success was followed almost immediately after by another score. This time it was Goldie who was running wild on the left wing that placed the ball directly in front of Stark. The Bethlehem center had the visitors' goalie and a fullback standing in goal to beat but with a deft touch of his head he directed the ball into the corner of the net far out of the reach of the defenders. Before half-time reached, Stark headed a cross from Turner for his third goal. About midway in this session Carson was injured when he saved from Rodgers and ball and boot struck his shoulder. It was feared that bones were broken but an examination revealed a badly bruised shoulder.

Bethlehem's supremacy was even more pronounced after the team turned around for the second half, even through Turner was missing from the forward line. The visitors made only several feeble attempts to start forward movements but seldom advanced beyond the halfback line. On two occasions only were they really dangerous, once when Andrews shot wide from close range and late in the period when Roehl, on a pass from Andrews, grazed the ball off Carson's hand and it landed in the net.

Chapman, the Philadelphia goalie, made several fine saves, but he was weak behind the sticks, frequently coming out to intercept the ball, leaving the goal mouth open. The Bethlehem forwards dribbled around the Philadelphia backs almost at will and usually a score resulted when a concerted effort was made to land the ball in the meshes. Goalie opened the scoring with an easy shot in the second half. He easily frustrated efforts to tackle him, carrying the ball right up to the net, shoving it past Chapman. A little later, on a pass from Goldie, Cameron scored when Chapman came out of goal to intercept and the net was open. Stark then followed with his fourth and final count on a pass from Maxwell.

The goal, the final one, counted by Bethlehem, that featured, was a shot from MacFarland. The Bethlehem halfback did the entirely unexpected, and did it well when forty yards out he drove with terrific force, the ball sailing just high enough to pass over Chapman's head and graze underneath the crossbar. From t hen on the Steel Workers were satisfied to confine their efforts to passing. The score:

Bethlehem -- Philadelphia
Carson -- G -- Chapman
Young -- RFB -- C. Davis
D. Ferguson -- LFB -- Gaw
MacFarland -- RHB -- Rundel
MacGregor -- CHB -- Clark
Terris -- LHB -- MacDonald
Turner -- OR -- J. Davis
Maxwell -- IR -- Roehl
A. Stark -- CF -- Rodgers
Cameron -- IL - -MacAvoy
Goldie -- OL -- Andrews
Goals: Stark, 4; Goldie, Cameron, MacFarland, Roehl.
Referee: Oates, Philadelphia; time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club