The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 15, 1925
Jaap Arrives and Signs his Name to a Soccer Contract

An increase in the ranks of the Bethlehem Steel F. C. front liners was made when Johnny Jaap, here for a tryout four years ago, breezed back into town and attached his signature to a Bethlehem Steel form. The acquisition of Jaap just about completes the personnel of the squad for this season and eliminated any possibility of a dearth in the number of forwards. In his department the club is certainly well fortified.

Jaap comes on to rejoin the team with which he was once a member for a brief period with an excellent reputation as a forward in the Pittsburgh District where he has been located and played for the last three years. His regular position is that of inside forward but is also quite capable of playing center or outside on the right wing.

With the acquisition of Jaap, the front line includes Goldie, Rollo, Robertson, Stark, Granger, Forrest, Purvis and Cameron, probably the finest and best array of forwards in the American Soccer League.

A soccer classic unusual at this early date will be witnessed on the Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday afternoon when the Steel Workers go to the post in their third league game of the season and draw as their formidable opponents no other club than the Boston F. C., National champions. It was with Boston that Bethlehem inaugurated the soccer season with an exhibition game and significant to [ . . . ]is that Bethlehem Finished on the [ . . .] end of the score.

Naturally with the renown gained last season and with changes in the [ . . .] where they had a tendency [ . . . ]strengthen the club the Hubmen [ . . . ]to Bethlehem as one of the foremost contenders for the league honors. In the campaigning last season Bethlehem was the only club that was successful against the Hubmen and it was the [ . . . ] playing of the Steel Workers [ . . . ]those games that enabled them [ . . . ]the champions by a close margin in the league standings.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club