The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 15, 1929
Down Hakoah in Home Game But Lose to Giants on Sabbath, 2 to 0

Playing two hard games over the weekend, the Bethlehem soccer team after defeating Hakoah All-Stars here on Saturday afternoon, journeyed to New York on Sunday and were subdued by the New York Giants by the score of 2 to 0. Owing to the absence of several players yet expected Bethlehem sent back into the Giants game the same lineup of players who engaged in the bitter struggle against the star All-Jewish team the day before.

Saturday's Game

A beautiful cross from Alec Dick, former Cowdenbeath star playing his first game for Bethlehem at inside right and a header from Archie Stark, skimmed the outstretched arms of Fabian, crack Hakoah goalie, resulted in the only goal notched in the Eastern League game here on Saturday afternoon when Bethlehem served the crack Jewish invaders their first defeat of the season and incidentally avenged the only defeat experienced by the Steelmen in this year's campaigning to date.

Later in this game this same duo negotiated a play on which a goal was immanent but the usually trusty toe of the Bethlehem center forward erred and with no one to beat but the goalie the ball went skimming high over the cross bar. The one goal margin just about described the intense and thrilling battle waged by these two crack elevens. From opening to final whistle it was give and take and more than once the intense rivalry exiting between these two clans became apparent.

Early in the game an altercation occurred when Mahrer, Hakoah left halfback, and Tommy Gillespie, Bethlehem's right wing forward collided. The first outbreak came when Gillespie, beating Mahrer, was brought down from behind by a neat trip. An instant later Gillespie retaliated when Mahrer was on the ball. The intense feeling existing between these two players became more pronounced when again Mahrer resorted to his heckling with feet and for an instant there was a fury of fisticuffs, resulting in both players being banished from the game.

From then on the situation was quite tense and playing extremely vigorous but no other outbreaks occurred until late in the second half when Beveridge saved and while attempting to clear, Hauesler, in charging the Bethlehem goal, slashed him across the legs with his foot. The foul, although none was called, seemed quite deliberate, and Beveridge hurt for an instant, tossed the ball at the Hakoah forward. The latter rushed in with a threatening gesture but before he could close in on Beveridge was dropped with a well directed punch coming from in the midst of the crowd of players. For a time things looked threatening but the field was cleared and play resumed.

In the loss of players Bethlehem suffered probably most severe for without Gillespie at right wing a forward line revamped for this game due to injury of Jaap, the team was deprived of one of its regular and veteran front liners.

In addition to Dick, who made a favorable impression in his first game, Bethlehem had another newcomer in Bob McDonald, Scottish League, First Division right back, equally as brilliant as Dick. McDonald short and stocky but with a wealth of speed and a powerful drive in his kick, proved an excellent mate to Billy Allan, who also played one of his best games. McDonald was roundly applauded when in saving with his head on a rifle shot from Gruenwald he was felled but had saved what undoubtedly would have been the tying goal.

While attacks were frequent and dangerous in the first half the forty-five minutes of play ended without any scoring. Play swung from one end of the field to the other, the teams alternating in their attacks but found a defense that did not crumble. Neat and tricky passing movements were resorted to on the part of both teams in their aggressive raids but without any success.

Bethlehem Steel -- Hakoah All-Stars
Beveridge -- G -- Fabian
McDonald -- RFB -- Grosz
Allan -- LFB -- Sternberg
Finlayson -- RHB -- Drucker
Carnihan -- CHB -- Guttmann
McGregor -- LHB -- Nicholasburger
Gillespie -- OR -- Schwarz
Dick -- IR -- Hauesler
Stark -- CF -- Gruenwald
Rollo -- IL -- B. Brenfeld
Purgavie -- OL -- Wortman
Goal: Stark. Referee: Dr. DeGroff, New York City. Linesmen: J. H. Carpenter and Horace Williams. Substitutions: Robertson for Finlayson. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Sunday Games

Bethlehem's defeat at the hands of the New York Giants in the Sunday game might partly be attributed to the arrangement of the schedule. After winning from Hakoah here on Saturday afternoon the homesters simply lacked the stamina to carry on for ninety minutes against such a formidable clan as the Gotham booters who went into the game a fresh team.

Condition more than Giant prowess licked the Steelmen and at that the invaders, although outplayed at times, gave a very creditable performance and captivated the New York rooters with their brilliant brand of soccer.

The Giants adhere closely to the type of game mapped out by Bob Miller, manager, keeping close to each of the Steelmen and allowing them no leeway for their passing game. The victory was also partly due to the fine defensive game of John Brown, Ted Glover and Phil Slone, who completely bottled up the Bethlehem forwards. One goal came in each half, O'Brien making t he first and Davey Brown the second.

The game opened with the usual fireworks, the Giants rushing their rivals off their feet. Inside of one minute a corner had been obtained but Ballantyne headed the ball over the bar. Another soon followed and was also cleared, but the New Yorkers never let up in their attack. A third flag kick came at ten minutes which Davey Brown placed beautifully, enabling O'Brien to t urn the ball into the net for the opening goal.

From then on until the interval the play was very fast but the Giants managed to hold their slim lead as the teams crossed over. The Bethlehemites played desperately upon resuming and Jock Brown hand his hands full time after time in turning back the rocket-like shots which were rained in upon him.

The Giants' backs never wavered under the severe hammering and at twenty-five minutes the winners went further ahead when Davey Brown broke away on the left and, tearing through all opposition, beat Beveridge with a lightening grounder to make the score 2 to 0.

N. Y. Giants -- Bethlehem
Jock Brown -- G -- Beveridge
John Brown -- RFB -- McDonald
Glover -- LFB -- Allan
Slone -- RHB -- McGregor
Jogis -- CHB -- Carnihan
Moorhouse -- LHB -- Robertson
Adaire -- OR -- Gillespie
Ballantyne -- IR -- Dick
Lyell -- CF -- Stark
O'Brien -- IL -- Rollo
Davey Brown -- OL -- Purgavie
Goals: O'Brien, Davey Brown. Referee: G. Ferrier. Linesmen: McGlone and G. Currie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club