The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, September 16, 1919

The National League schedule this season gives promise of one of the strongest seasons in the history of the organization, its present formation being Bethlehem Steel F. C., Merchant Ship F. C., Disston A. A., Paterson F. C., Erie A. A., Federal Ship F. C., Babcock and Wilcox F. C., New York F. C., Robins Dry Dock F. C., and Morse Dry Dock F. C.

The season opens next Sunday with a representative team selected from the three clubs in New York, the game to be played at Clark's Ground, East Newark, N. J., kickoff at three o'clock.

Both teams show the strongest available players from the two states and it is the intention that the winners will later play a picked team from the three Pennsylvania clubs.

The object of the game is to find out whether New Jersey still holds the leadership in the soccer world and while many have the feeling that the shipyards of New York seem to be able to hold the players handed in a stronger sense than clubs in New Jersey, there is no one can gainsay that the coming game on Sunday should not result in the best football being seen in the United States.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club