The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Friday, September 16, 1927
Claude M. Stauffer Again President – Also Name a Board of Governors

At the meeting of the Soccer Boosters Club Thursday evening at the Masonic Temple, Claude M. Stauffer was re-elected to serve a second term as president of the organization. Other officers elected were Eugene Collins and Chas. E. Goodenough, vice presidents; Thos. Weir, vice president and assistant secretary, and Thomas Kiefer, secretary-treasurer. The latter takes the place of William Highfield, resigned.

While the gathering was not as large as had been expected, those present were enthusiastic as to the prospects for the present season. Encouraged by a good attendance at the game last Saturday, many suggestions were made with a view of bolstering the number of fans to a still greater extent.

There are several boys entered in the ticket-selling contest, which is under the supervision of Adam Paton. The ambitious boys and girls are striving hard to secure votes, which are given on the basis of a certain number of votes to each ticket sold.

Plans were formulated for a prize distribution to be made before Christmas. Details may be procured from any of the Boosters. Robert McCurley is in charge of this work.

James A. Hart heads a committee in charge of plans for an old-fashioned carnival to be held during the third week of October.

Board Elected

A board of governors was named to assist the officers and represent members during the season as follows: Messrs. Michell, Hart, Bennett, Paton, McCurley, Pepper, Lambert, Davis, Gonzales, Scott, Chamberlin, Biggs, Lewis, Farmbaugh, Clarke, Waite, Weeks, Barch, Beatty, Morgan, Daniels, Young, Kresge, Coffe, Reiner, Bieber, McKelvey, Gladding, Salmon, Gross, Sanborn and Speilmann.

The next meeting of the club will be held Tuesday evening, September 20, at the City Band Hall, 432 Main Street. The meeting will get underway at 8 o’clock. The projected carnival will be the chief topic for discussion.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club