The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 16, 1929
Recent Conference Indicates Agreement Will be Reached Soon

New York, Sept. 16 -- Peace is being slowly but surely reached in the soccer war between the United States Football Association and the American Soccer League. Several unlooked-for problems cropped up at another special conference concluded Friday which will necessitate a little delay for their consideration by Colonel G. Randolph Manning, the Eastern "boss" of professional soccer, and several more meetings will be held before final terms are agreed upon.

Sam Mark, owner of the Fall River team, attended along with Leo Bundy, representing Charlie Stoneham's New York Nationals, and Louis J. Gribetz, attorney for the United States Football Association, While Colonel Manning looked after the governing body's interests.

Dave Scott, secretary of the American Soccer League, was also present.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club