The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 17, 1928
Local Booters Take Torrid Game From New Bedford on Home Lot

Running true to form New Bedford invaded Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon and gave the locals their hardest soccer battle of the season in which the latter came out victorious by the score of 1 goal to 0.

The lone tally was notched as a result of a penalty called against Hunter with Massie on the ball, close to the net and with a marker seemingly inevitable. Jaap took the kick, the ball sailing high into the far corner and grazed the fingers of Blair's outstretched hands. That goal was scored fifteen minutes from the start and from then on the two teams battled hammer and tong to the final whistle without any further scoring.

To many of the fans, the decision of Referee Arthur Watson, a pinch hitter for Jimmy Walders, was questionable and the visitors especially were loud in their protest. However, the penalty was called amid a scrimmage of half a dozen or more players and with the referee close to the play.

If Referee Watson erred when he called the penalty in first half he did so flagrantly in the second half when he failed to call a penalty on McMillan. The visitors' right back, playing brilliantly and a bulwark on the New Bedford defense, was neatly tricked by Massie who was going through when brought down from behind by the blond topped back. That was in the open and plainly discernible to the host of spectators.

The game was weakly handled from start to finish and the players sensing the laxity of the referee more than once took advantage of his leniency in calling fouls. As a result there was plenty of bodily contact and frequent spills.

Bethlehem's margin of supremacy was hardly more than the one goal for New Bedford shared quite some in the exchanges. Both goalies were kept active with Dave Edwards probably called upon to handle more in the Saturday tilt than any previous game this season. Both he and Blair, the visitors tall custodian, were the target of some vicious and terrific shots but managed to keep the ball from penetrating the net. For thrills the spectators had their fill and were treated to much spectacular work on the part of both teams.

Twice Edwards was beaten in the attacks on the Bethlehem goal but both times fellow players came to his rescue. Ion a corner kick in the opening half, after batting down a header, Carnihan crashed through to clear, virtually taking the ball from the toe of Best. Midway in the second half it was W. Barrie who came to the rescue of the Bethlehem goalie. Edwards had just saved on a terrific drive from Best, knocked down the ball. Paterson, the visitors' center forward was in position and close to the net when Barrie's drive sent the ball out of danger.

Exchanges were frequent, the ball traveling from one end of the field to the other with lightening rapidity. Chedzoy, the veteran right wing of the visitors was always a source of danger and his perfect centers more than once forced the Bethlehem defense to extend themselves to avert scoring.

Bethlehem Steel -- New Bedford
Edwards -- G -- Blair
J. Barrie -- RFB -- McMillan
Allan -- LFB -- Hunter
W. Barrie -- RHB -- Maxwell
Carnihan -- CHB -- Montgomery
MacGregor -- LHB -- Stewart
Gillespie -- OR -- Chedzoy
Jaap -- IR -- Ballantyne
Stark -- CF -- Paterson
Massie -- IL -- Howieson
Rollo -- OL -- Best
Goals: Jaap (penalty). Referee: A. Watson, Philadelphia. Linesmen: J. H. Carpenter and H. Williams. Substitutions: McGrillen for Rollo, Rollo for W. Barrie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club