The Globe-Time -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 18, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

First Visit in Over a Year
Relative to the invasion of the Bethlehem soccer team to Fall River for an exhibition game this evening, it will be the first visit the Steelmen will make to the grounds of their one-time heated rival in over a year. True, the soccer war did not break out until shortly after the season was opened last year, but the break nevertheless came before Bethlehem had a chance to pit its skill against the crack aggregation of marksmen. The game this evening will hardly be a criterion of relative merit or what might be expected when these two teams are again affiliated in league competition. With no league or cup title to shoot at the team will merely be playing minus probably celebrities such as Archie Stark, conserving the strength and stamina of the latter for the league games in which the club will be involved over the weekend.

Welcome the Truce
"It's going to be for the good of soccer," is the expression generally heard around here in regards to the truce which has been effected. Understand, however, local fans were practically unanimous in their sympathy with Bethlehem and its associated clubs which aided the U. S. F. A. materially in its fight against the outlaw aggregation. It might also be said that the break was most welcome. The outlaws represented probably the strongest and most influential organization of soccer clubs in the country and defeated in their efforts to overthrow the U. S. F. A. or to play independently, it will serve as a lesson against future bolting. Licked at every turn it is hardly likely that there will be a recurrence. Not for the future or a long time to come at least.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club