The Globe-Times – Bethlehem
Monday, September 19, 1927
McConnell Stands Out in Aggressive Game, Notching a Trio of Counters

Little Johnny Jaap, outside right and James McConnell, sturdy and aggressive center forward, were material factors in notching goals to give the Bethlehem Steel Soccer team its second victory in its third American League start on the home lot on Saturday afternoon, sending J & P Coats back to Pawtucket under the sting of a 4 to 0 shutout. McConnell accounted for three of the goals while one of the most spectacular shots witnessed on the former Steel lot in many years was converted by the diminutive Jaap.

Good Sized Crowd Attends

Another big crowd was thrilled by the brilliant and aggressive stand of the Steelmen who in the second half gave a display which fairly swept the visiting dribblers off their feet. Paying against the wind and the sun, the Steelmen experienced a little in placing their passes but in spite of the elements had more of the first half than the visitors, in the second half, however, when the elements were in Bethlehem’s favor, attacks on the home goal were few and far between.

Findlay Kerr came back to Bethlehem as a member of the Coats team and the once great goalie whose judgment has not in the least deteriorated and who with Stevenson and Martin played a strong defensive game in the first half, was forced to submit to the aggressive drive of the Bethlehem forwards. Four times was Kerr beaten with shots which no other goalie could have saved and just as often if not more he frustrated scoring opportunities with clever handling.

McConnell Scores

Mostly due to the defensive work of Kerr, Stevenson and Martin the champions were scoreless for forty minutes and McConnnell notched the first goal. To relieve the pressure Martin purposely kicked out and this play paved the way to put Bethlehem in the lead. McDonald’s long throw-in went to center from where it was immediately returned to Jaap on the wing. The later placed beautifully to the goal mouth where McConnell scored from scrimmage. With little more than a minute yet to play Harvey erred when he shot bye on the best scoring opportunity the visitors had.

After the restart the visitors were not to be compared with Bethlehem. Short and accurate passes ran the backs ragged and the play of the Steelmen became more pronounced as the game progressed. On the first kickoff the Bethlehem forwards moved down the field and Rollo’s first time drive was well labeled. Kerr knocked down the drive directly toward Jaap, whose header struck the cross bar. On the rebound McConnell headed and his effort was a success for he touched the ball into the net well out of the reach of Kerr.

Twenty minutes later McConnell, Jaap and Stark cleverly evaded the backs in trickling through the defense and McConnell taking Jaap’s pass close to the goal mouth had little trouble in beating Kerr with his speedy drive.

The outstanding play of the game and one to thrill the fans was a solo effort on the part of Jaap. From midfield he dribbled down the field at top speed with Martin in pursuit and unable to shake off the Coats back in the neck to neck race. Martin had him blocked on an effort to pass and it looked as though Jaap must carry it over the goal line. Almost parallel with the goal he in some manner manipulated a swerving shot to locate high in the far corner of the net for Bethlehem’s fourth and final goal. The goal was one of the most spectacular ever witnessed on the home field.

With the game practically sewed up, O’Neill replaced Stark at inside right and Robertson went to inside left in place of Rollo. Bethlehem continued to attack but no more scoring resulted.

Bethlehem Steel – J & P Coats
Gaudert – G -- Kerr
McMeekin – RFB -- Stevenson
Allan – LFB -- Martin
McDonald – RHB -- Thomson
Reid – CHB -- Lyons
MacGregor – LHB -- McAvoy
Jaap – OR -- Harvey
Stark – IR -- Reid
McConnell – CF -- Barlow
Rollo – IL -- Adam
Goldie – OL -- McGrain
Goals – McConnell 3, Jaap. Substitutions: O’Neil for Stark, Robertson for Rollo. Referee – Cunningham. Linesmen – Williams and Carpenter. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club