The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 21, 1925
Hubmen are Decisively Defeated in American League Soccer Game 5 to 2

Bethlehem Steel, and not Boston, looked the champions in the American Soccer League tilt played on the steel field on Saturday afternoon in which the Steel Workers continued their list of successes over the Hubmen in a most impressive display by the score of 5 to 2.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of one thousand spectators turned out to witness the contest and were given a rare treat in which the home clan humiliated the brilliant array of first division and international stars comprising the Hubmen's eleven.

Boston's heralded forward line could make little impression against the brilliant defense of the Steel Workers in which "Bill" Carnihan was the "wonder" man of the day. Carnihan was here and there, seemingly at the right place when danger threatened and proved valuable to both the Bethlehem's backs. The trying conditions with a cruel sun beating down on the players did not in the least seem to deter the big center halfback, who was going full tilt when the final whistle sounded.

Boston introduced a new center forward in Blair, this year's acquisition to the team, but Blair failed to create any undue thrills. On one occasion in particular he fell down miserably when after tricking the backs, he drew Carson out of goal and with no one near to stop his shot, kicked harmlessly past. Alex McNab, the best player on Boston's front line, broke away frequently to beat the back but his pretty crosses counted for naught.

Bethlehem had the better of the play and several opportunities in the opening minutes, but did not seem to display the determined attitude noticed after the Hubmen scored. Fleming started the play that resulted in the first goal, bringing the ball up the left wing unhindered and then sending across to Blair. Allan misjudged in his effort to clear. As a result, Carson was caught flat-footed when Blair lobbed the ball toward goal it rolling into the corner.

The lead of the visitors was short-lived for an instant later the Steel Workers initiated a forward movement that was not without fruits. Rollo started the play with a pass to Stark to center. The latter, instead of trying to carry it in, swung the ball far out to Forrest, opening the defense and then when the Bethlehem outside right crossed directly in front of the goal mouth Stark was at the far and to head it in for the equalizing score. Hardly more than a minute later Bethlehem forged to the front. MacGregor tore down the field to take possession of the ball close to the touchline. He centered with Purvis in the path, but the latter's first attempt was a miskick. Before the visitor could clear Purvis recovered himself and converted MacGregor's excellent pass into a counter. The period ended with Bethlehem leading two goals to none.

The Steel Workers experienced just as much leeway after the restart as they did in the first forty-five minutes of play. Immediately after the kickoff Forrest threatened with a shot saved by Black. The ball was brought back but almost immediately was Bethlehem again pressing. Occasionally the visitors broke away, but seldom advanced beyond the Bethlehem backs, and when they did their parting shots were easily handled by Carson. There was one exception, the incident when Blair passed up a score with a miserable shot after drawing Carson out of goal.

Stark, contributing three of his five goals, scored his third in the second half. Allan thrilled when he tackled in midfield and came out with the ball in his possession. He advanced to within a fairly decent shooting distance and then let drive with a terrific shot. The effort had Black beaten, but the ball glanced off the upright, rebounding into the playing field. In a flash Stark was on the ball and his shot landing in the far corner had Black beaten with plenty to spare. Bethlehem's final goal was counted by Goldie after Black in saving on a shot from Forrest, deflected the ball in front of the Bethlehem outside left and the latter with all the freedom desired carefully picked an opening to crash it into the net.

Desperately determined to score, the visitors rallied in the closing minutes of play and were rewarded when Fleming evaded both Ferguson and Allen and with no Carnihan there to go to their rescue had little trouble in placing his shot out of Carson's range. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Boston F. C.
Carson -- G -- Black
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- McMillan
Allan -- LFB -- MacArthur
McDonald -- RHB -- Foy
Carnihan -- CHB -- R. Ballantyne
MacGregor -- LHB -- Hamil
Forrest -- OR -- McNab
Purvis -- IR -- Galloway
Stark -- CF -- Blair
Rollo -- IL -- J. Ballantyne
Goldie -- OL -- Fleming
Goals: Stark, 3; Purvis, Goldie, Blair, Fleming. Referee: Bloom. Linesmen: Westwater and Reid. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club