The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 24, 1928
Leagues Aspirations Severely Jolted by New Bedford and Providence

The league aspirations of the Bethlehem soccer team were severely jolted over the weekend when on its invasion of the New England states the two games played were lost; one each to New Bedford and Providence. The former winning, avenged a defeat sustained in Bethlehem a week ago while in Providence the Bethlehem booters tackled this opponent for the first time this season in an American Soccer League game.

New Bedford Wins
New Bedford finally broke into the win column on Saturday with a brilliant display that defeated Bethlehem 3 to 1. Though beaten on three occasions, Dave Edwards gave a superb exhibition of goal tending. New Bedford won the toss to take advantage of a stiff breeze but faced the sun. Excellent defense play featured the first half, which was scoreless. Playing against the wind, New Bedford started with a rush, scoring at the end of ten minutes.

Howieson placed Best in possession of the ball and the outside left took it on the run and headed it. He then banged it into the far corner of the goal, well out of the reach of Edwards. Less than one minute later, Stevens added a second when he connected with a perfect center from Chedgzey to divert the ball into a goal with a first time drive.

At the end of 28 minutes, Ballantyne made it three to nothing when he took Best's center to score in a scrimmage.

Gillespie saved Bethlehem from a whitewash when he scored seven minutes from the final whistle.

The lineup:

New Bedford -- Bethlehem
Blair -- G -- Edwards
McMillan -- FRB -- J. Barrie
Hunter -- LFB -- Marshall
Maxwell -- RHB -- W. Barrie
Montgomery -- CHB -- Carnihan
Stewart -- LHB -- McGregor
Chedgzey -- OR -- Gillespie
Ballantyne -- IR -- Jaap
Howieson - -CF -- Stark
Stevens -- IL -- Massie
Best -- OL -- Rollo
Referee: R. Bethune. Linesmen: J. Stirrup and T. Boyce. Goals scored: Best, Stevens, Ballantyne, Gillespie. Subs -- For Bethlehem: McGrillen for Massie. Time, 45 minute halves

Lose the Second

The Bethlehem team completed the disastrous weekend trip to New England on Sunday when it was defeated 3 to 0, by the Providence team.

Bethlehem ran up against a stiff defense, which only Gillespie seemed able to penetrate, but he was kicking poorly and lost several great chances to score by kicking over the bar when right under the goal.

Providence scored one goal in the first half when Green headed the ball into he net from Beattie's pass after thirty-nine minutes of play. After the intermission Providence added two goals. Hogg beat Marshall and crossed the ball to Fitzpatrick, who scored in twenty-one minutes. Seven minutes before time was up Finlayson tallied on a free kick 14 yards from goal.

Providence -- Bethlehem
Kenneway -- G -- Edwards
Aimer -- RFB -- Marshall
Gibson -- LFB -- Allan
Pitt -- RHB -- Delaney
Finlayson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Campbell -- LHB -- McGregor
Beattie -- OR -- Jackson
Auld -- IR -- Stark
Florie -- CF -- Gillespie
Green -- IL -- McGrillen
Fitzpatrick -- OL -- Massie
Substitutes -- Bardell for Auld, Hogg for Florie. Goals: Green, Fitzpatrick, Finlayson. Referee: Cunningham, New York. Linesmen: Boyce, Fall River; Morse, New Bedford. Time, 45-minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club