The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 26, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Is the League Relenting?
That the American Soccer League acted hastily in its suspension and fines of three of its clubs and since considering the effect it will probably have on American soccer in general is trying to amend for the drastic action, is apparent by the subsequent development. From Boston, it is understood, a telephone communication between the local management and Dave Scott, secretary of t he league, requesting on what terms Bethlehem would reconsider re-entering the league. In view of that long distance conversation it became quite apparent that the league executives are somewhat relenting in their attitude.

Rapid Fire Action
That a war is on is certain. And one when an amicable solution is determined will probably instill harmony for all time. That both factions will suffer there is no doubt for the damage has already been inflicted. Should the censured clubs form a nucleus of a new league there is no doubt but that such a circuit would not only meet with approval but also prove a success. However, to form a new league during the progress of the season is quite a task. Still, it is understood that the preliminary plans have already been laid and all that is needed is the world to go ahead and a league can be born over night.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club