The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 26, 1928
Awaiting Expiration of 24 Hour Ultimatum of National Association

In spite of the suspension meted out by the American Soccer League against Bethlehem, Newark and the New York Giants, at least two of three clubs will not be idle over the weekend. And Bethlehem is one of them.

The local booters were originally scheduled to meet Boston here on Saturday afternoon but the league action upset that plan. Instead the local management is trying to have the Giants come to Bethlehem for an exhibition game and on Sunday will journey to the home grounds of the New Yorkers.

In the meantime there are no developments in the league aspect and will not be until the 24-hour period, given by the U. S. F. A. to the league, to withdraw its action against the suspended clubs has expired. If the decision is not rescinded the National Association, threatening "drastic action" will undoubtedly outlaw the league.

That the warring factions will fight the issue to a finish is convincingly apparent. Bethlehem, Newark and the Giants are determined to remain firm in their decision to enter the cup play. The league seems equally as determined to stand by the verdict of President "Bill" Cunningham in suspending the three clubs.

In the meantime the suspended clubs, backed by the U. S. F. A., have made an auspicious start in organizing a new league, although no definite steps in this direction can be taken until the end of the 24-hour period and it is determined whether or not the league will relent in its action and allow the three deposed clubs to continue as members of the American Soccer League.

When it is definitely ascertained where the suspended teams stand insofar as their league affiliations are concerned, the movement of a new circuit will either be immediately dropped or organization speedily made.

Sentiment in favor of the "deserting" teams is strongly reflected in the numerous applications for membership into a new league. It is understood that two clubs to represent Philadelphia are likely as well as two clubs to represent Newark, New York and Brooklyn. Trenton, it is said, is ready with a club and with Bethlehem included little trouble is expected in organizing a league of no less than ten clubs.

Should this league be organized the American Soccer League will have opposition in only two cities. Nat Agar and his Brooklyn Wanderers and the New York Nationals would be the clubs affected. Sentiment seems strongly in favor of a league that will cover the Philadelphia, Bethlehem and Metropolitan district.

That the league probably regrets the drastic action taken was apparent [...] yesterday afternoon when advices from the secretary's office inquired if Bethlehem might be interested in re-entering the circuit. The reply was that Bethlehem had never withdrawn but was suspended and, therefore, could not re-enter. Insofar as entry in the National [SECTION MISSING]

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