The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 26, 1928
New League With Philadelphia and Metropolitan District Clubs Also Favored

A special meeting of the Bethlehem Soccer Boosters was held Tuesday evening at the Hotel Bethlehem mainly for the purpose of discussing the controversy involving the American Soccer League, the National Association and the three suspended clubs -- Bethlehem, Newark and the New York Giants.

The controversy was discussed from every angle and at the conclusion the action of the Bethlehem management was unanimously endorsed. In fact, sentiment seemed to favor that under no condition should Bethlehem withdraw from the National Challenge Cup competition and was seemingly more heartily in accord with the new league proposition to include teams in the Philadelphia and metropolitan districts in preference to the American Soccer League.

Just what effect the split of the factions will have on soccer in general was also discussed. Also the effect it will have on the players of the respective teams in the American League if outlawed by the National Association.

With no strings to hold the players, it was believed, that the league teams might experience wholesale desertions with many players flocking to the new league in order to protect their status and remain in good standing with the U. S. F. A. Contracts with players will practically be automatically suspended if the league is outlawed.

Suspension of the American Soccer League by the U. S. F. A. it is pointed out, will prohibit the league teams from playing any other club in the association.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club