Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 26, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Cup Draw
Remember all the fuss created in soccer ranks just about this time last season when the U. S. F. A. announced the first round for the National Cup competition? It precipitated the divided factions into warfare which raged intensively and according to latest gossip is still raging in spite of the overtures to effect a settlement. The U. S. F. A. today announces the first round of the cup draw to be played on Oct. 5 or 6 and not a murmur is heard. Perhaps there will be a light thunder if the expected settlement is created and the reinstated outlaws are invited to participate. But no noise to amount to very much. IN the first round draw, it is noted that all clubs of major status, both in the Middle West and the East are eliminated, and, of course, these clubs include Bethlehem and the other members of the Eastern League. The major clubs get into the argument when the field is whittled down to the cream of the minor aggregations. Hakoah, of New York, is the present National Cup champion and Bethlehem champion of the Eastern Soccer League.

Perhaps Yes and Perhaps No
Information from an authoritative source forecasts several red hot soccer conferences in New York over the weekend and when all is said and done the soccer fan may hear something definite on the proposed settlement. Col. Manning, dictator in the East, has been hot footing it for the past several weeks trying to amass enough suggestions and expressions of good will to bring about a satisfactory settlement. He has succeeded in getting the ball rolling and now it is understood that Armstrong Patterson, the strong arm of the U. S. F. A., is coming East to put on the finishing touches. President Patterson, who since his frequent trips to New York in the last several months is as much at home in a Pullman as he is in his palatial residence in Detroit, will spend the weekend in the metropolis and before he returns hopes to have all dissenting factions reconciled. Perhaps he will and perhaps he will not.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club