The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, September 27, 1928
Prospective Members and "Deserters" Will Confer in New York on New Proposition

Impetus will be given to the new soccer league proposition Friday evening at a meeting of representatives of prospective clubs to be held in New York City. It is understood that the meeting will be held regardless of what action the American Soccer League might take on the demand of the U. S. F. A. to rescind the decision suspending and fining Bethlehem, Newark and the New York Giants.

The number of applications for franchises in the proposed new circuit is far greater than anticipated and with those already on hand, it is believed, that a new league can be organized over night. With the exception of the three suspended clubs, there is some doubt as to the merit of the teams that applications could field but it is understood these could readily be strengthened as the season progresses. The purpose of the meeting is to get a line on the number of clubs interested and to outline a good workable plan.

It is said that among the applicants for a franchise in a new league are representatives in Newark, Paterson, and Trenton, all three New Jersey cities; Brooklyn, Philadelphia and New York. In addition to these there will be Bethlehem, Tom Adams and his Newark club, and the New York Giants. With the above teams included, it is realized that there would be less expense in operating the league and above all games would require far less traveling than has been the experience of Bethlehem and the other suspended clubs in the past.

Locally the new league is strongly endorsed and it is believed that Bethlehem would be quite liberal in its inducements to help other clubs along. The Bethlehem team carries probably one of the biggest squads of players in the game. And some of these would probably be transferred to other clubs in their effort to strengthen their teams.

Then again there are rumors of a host of dissatisfied players in the American Soccer League. Players who were unable to bolt because of the protection afforded the clubs by the U. S. F. A., but which if suspended would leave them without strings attached. In fact, any such players jumping to the new circuit, the latter to be supported by the U. S. F. A. would no doubt automatically become eligible to play with these clubs.

Following Tuesday's ultimatum to the American Soccer League by the United States Football Association on Tuesday there was a comparative lull in the soccer situation yesterday.

President Armstrong Paterson, of the United States Football Association issued the following statement:

"If the American Soccer League carries out its threat to impose a fine of $1,000 on each of the following clubs, Bethlehem Steel, New York Giants, and Newark, that were entered for our national cup competition contrary to that league's orders, I will recommend that the franchise now held by the American Soccer League be revoked.

"No club shall be punished for its loyalty to the parent body and if it is to be a fight to the finish, the U. S. F. A. is fully prepared to defend its position, even to the extent of sanctioning a new organization. Other interests are waiting to take over franchises in the various cities that can be name.

"The American League, at our last annual meeting, asked for special consideration, particularly with regard to the dates for playing cup games, and although I appointed the league's [SECTION MISSING]

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club