Bethlehem Globe-Times
Wednesday, September 28, 1927
Jersey Team, Naturally Likes to Take a Fall Out of Steel Champions.

Still nursing the sting of probably the biggest upset in soccer last season, when the Newark club eliminated Bethlehem in the first round of the Lewis Cup competition, the Steelmen are preparing to meet the Jersey foemen here on Saturday for an American Soccer League game.

That game illustrated convincingly that none of the clubs in the league can be taken cheaply, for Bethlehem was a long shot favorite only to finish second best after a grueling struggle. The Jerseyites, like many other clubs in the league, usually point for the Bethlehem games and it is in these that they are generally seen at their best because of the prestige gained by downing a team that has been supreme in soccer over a span of years.

With several games played, the league teams are just about striking a midseason stride and from now on the comparison in playing merit can be more definitely determined. Newark lost the opening games but readily became recognized as a formidable club after defeating Philadelphia, a team that had taken the measure of both Fall River, National champions, and Boston.


Dave Edwards, a goalie and Tom Gillespie, forward, are expected to join the club next week.

Johnny Geudert, former New York Giant, who has assumed the responsibility of custodian in all the games played thus far, is performing as brilliantly as he did when with the New York Giants.

Bill Carnihan, dashing center forward, played his first league game over the last weekend. He was on the shelf during the early part of the season with injuries.

With all the injured recovered and ready for service and the arrival of Edwards and Gillespie, the management will find it quite a task to pick the club.

It is certain that drastic changes will be evident in the lineup when double headers are played and that all the players on the squad will see plenty of service. The return of Gillespie will probably see him located at an inside berth instead of his last year job of center forward.

The management of the Brooklyn Wanderers announced the signing of player Joseph Gregretzky, who comes with a great reputation from the Irish League, where he played with Barn. Gregretzky was born in Belfast of Polish-Jewish descent. He is equally at home as center forward or outside right.

Alex Lorimer, former Bethlehem player and now with the New Bedford professional soccer club, is assisting Hugh McCurdy, coach of the Wesleyan soccer team, for the next three weeks.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club