The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, September 28, 1928
When Local Booters Clash with New York Giants Here on Saturday

The action of the American Soccer League in approving the sentence in suspending the "renegade" clubs seems to have little perturbed the teams involved, for the New York Giants, equally as determined as Bethlehem to keep active until some logical solution is reached in the formation of a new league, will invade Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon for a clash with the local booters.

Until such time when a new league can be organized and the teams strengthened to a par with the new banished American Soccer League clubs, Bethlehem and the Giants will see plenty of service, for each have received numerous offers for exhibition games.

The Giants to come to Bethlehem will present in their lineup many recently acquired Scottish and English importations and the majority of these new men will be seen in action against the home club. The local management with two games over the weekend and playing the Giants a return affair in New York on Sunday afternoon, propose to use its entire squad of which the eleven men to play on Saturday will be given a rest on Sunday.

This move will probably be favored by local fans who as yet have not seen all of the new men in action but will with the team planned for Saturday afternoon. Quite recently the club signed a new man in George Purgavic, an outside left, who will make his initial debut with the locals over the weekend.

Purgavic played with Newark last season and strongly impressed the local management with his ability. When Malcolm Goldie was transferred to Fall River, scouts were sent out to locate the former Newark player, but all returned empty-handed. When he was finally located he was found to be living in Bethlehem. The game against the Giants will be carried through the same as if it were a regular league game and a good, hard tussle can be expected.

Asked to comment about the statement issued by President Cunningham and in which he gives vent to his opinion in scathingly referring to Bethlehem, representatives of the local club pass it by with a statement of "just another one of those garbled truths."

President Cunningham states that not any of the three clubs made any effort to appeal the decision and in making this assertion apparently has ignored a telegram in which Bethlehem invited a conference with him in Boston.

Relative to the league calling Bethlehem's bluff in threatening to resign at the annual meeting, President Cunningham forgets perhaps that four of the clubs readily agreed to give the local team an increased gate split which was one of the main reasons why Bethlehem remained in the league.

The statement is taken to present the league view, omitting such features that might be of interest to the sympathizers of the clubs in doubt.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club