The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 29, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

More Echoes of the Brooklyn Game
Referee McCabe and the innovation of goal judges in the American Soccer League, continue the target of criticism of the game played in Brooklyn last Sunday afternoon when the Steel Workers were forced to share the points in a 2-goal draw. Bethlehem patrons who witnessed the game are not sparing in their scathing denouncement of the officials, contending that the two goals scored by Nelson and incidentally knotting the contest were anything but that. This criticism comes from so many varied sources that the writer is inclined to believe that their opinion is not swayed by a partisan attitude. How both goals were scored has been described several times and by different sources, with the various descriptions accurate in every detail. However, the game is now history and while Bethlehem has been the victim, the team is still on the top.

The Goal Judges in Soccer
That goal judges have no business in soccer is coming to be the general opinion of those interested in the game and by their arguments they are perhaps right. The referee and linesmen are outsiders, as a rule, but the goal judges are usually mustered from among the ranks of officials in the home town. This is written with all due respect for the honest and efficient J. H. Carpenter and Horace A. Williams, who have officiated in that capacity in the home games in Bethlehem. The goal judges take away too much of the responsibility of the referee and at the same time, officials serving among home rooters might prove susceptible to the influence of a cheering crowd. It may work out to advantage in some respects, but, after all, the duties of the referee, the highest paid official, are materially lessened in responsibility. It may come to this, that where an official has rendered a decision which might be protested, he has now in addition to the linesmen the goal judges to appeal to.

The Fall of the Mighty
It looks as though Fall River is about to be knocked off the lofty perch in soccerdom. In fact, the Marksmen have already at this early date the novel experience of trailing eighth in the standing of the American Soccer League teams. Fans are beginning to wonder whether Sam Marks didn't make a "bull" when he left out a number of his last year regulars, including Harold Brittan. Fall River has been set back more often this year than in the entire season last year. The Marksmen went through their American Soccer League schedule last year with one defeat charged against them. Thus far, they have three set backs out of five games played. Fall River fans are beginning to realize that the outlook for this season is not quite so rosy.

The Versatile Mr. Rankin
Every sport has its athlete who is quite versatile in performance. Such athletes, however, are exceptions. The Bethlehem soccer team has such an athlete in Andrew Rankin, who already has proved his wroth to the club as a regular and always available in an emergency. Bethlehem has played five games this season and Rankin has seen services in three of them, playing a different position in each game with marked efficiency. He is a graduate of First Division Scottish League football, having played with Cowdenheath before coming to this country. For Bethlehem, he has played at the center halfback position, inside forward and wing side.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club