Bethlehem Globe-Times
Thursday, September 29, 1927
Jersey Team That “Does the Unexpected” Plays on Local Pitch Saturday.

“It takes Newark to do the unexpected” types a soccer critic and the assertion is already borne out at this early date in the American Soccer League race. Boston and Fall River were humbled by the Philadelphia club and just at the time when it seemed the Phillies were headed for a consecutive string of victories, Newark bobbed on the scene and did what neither Boston or Fall River were able to do, defeated Philadelphia.

Newark did the unexpected last season when after Bethlehem Steel had the championship in the American Soccer League practically sewed up and was traveling along at a fast clip, the Jerseymen bobbed on the scene and eliminated the Steelmen in the first round of the American Cup competition.

Can Newark stage a similar upset when the team invades Bethlehem on Saturday for a league clash with the Bethlehem team? That is a question soccer fans are asking and one that will be decided after ninety minutes of what promises to be spirited hostilities. That setback in the cup competition may be a matter of history to fans, but not to Bethlehem players, evident by the determined work in practice this week.

Harry Ratican, former Bethlehem center forward, Davy Brown, brilliant forward with the New York Giants; Douglas, at one time a goalie for the Newark team, are among the very few among the native born Americans who have made a name for themselves in big league soccer. Reference is made to these players since Newark has included on the team this year a center forward, American born and developed on the local lots, who is heralded as a coming star and already the strongest asset of the Newark team. He is Leo Miller, a Newark boy, who played with the Eagles team, a semi-pro aggregation of the West Hudson district. In Newark’s victory over Philadelphia, this youngster put all the veterans to shame by scoring three of the five goals for Newark and assuring for himself a place in the team for the rest of the season.

Among the new men is Hogg, a frequent visitor to Bethlehem in the past as a member of the Philadelphia and Brooklyn clubs; Wardrop, an inside forward, who also played with Philadelphia and Brooklyn, and Dawson, an outside left, who like Miller is making debut in major league soccer, and is said to be a wonder. ON the defense the club signed a good man in Burns, who will probably play left fullback.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club