The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, September 30, 1925
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Loose Method of Doing Business
The American Soccer League surely cannot be commended on the manner in which they have handled the protest of the status of Douglas. The lead was probably spurred to activity by a copy of a letter written by the local management to Tom Adams, of the Newark Club, in which the local organization took occasion to censure the American Soccer League for the apparent non-concern in ruling on the status of Douglas. The American Soccer League has come to be a big sports institution and as such should conduct its business accordingly. Several days prior to the Giants' game in Bethlehem the local management was in receipt of a letter from the Newark Club referring to the Douglas incident and asking not to field a club against the Giants if Douglas was used in goal. In Bethlehem he wasn't but in the return game at New York, the following day, Douglas was between the uprights. Contending that if any player in the league was ineligible it was the business of the league executives to notify the respective clubs and not have attention called by the club management. That was practically the substance of the Bethlehem replay to Mr. Adams and a copy of which letter went to the league executives. If Douglas is ineligible the league officers must have been asleep to discover it at this late date for the former Newark goalie has been with the Giants since the start of the season. Brooklyn New Bedford and Providence were clubs that the Giants held to draw results and the latter with a loop hole apparent in the charges now brought by Tom Adams have protested those games and if sustained want the two points by forfeiture. Such action would toss the Giants down to the bottom of the pile instead of having the club very much in the running. Mention is made that Bethlehem Steel will probably follow suit in protesting the game on Sunday. Instead, the local management while not encouraging playing ineligible players is in sympathy with the New York Club and put the blame for the delay in determining the status of the player under fire on the league moguls. Magee is quite a scrapper and some hot doings can be expected when the parties concerned get together to battle it out. As for Bethlehem the Steel Workers are quite satisfied with sharing the points with the Giants for their draw game and will not become involved in any protests.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club