Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, September 30, 1929
Archie Stark Scores Two of the Home Booters Four Goals

Flashing a brand of brilliant soccer in the second semester that could not be denied, Bethlehem booters achieved another noteworthy triumph, by trouncing a fighting Newark F. C. crew, Saturday afternoon. The figures of the thrilling combat, despite its one sidedness which was waged on Lehigh Field were 4 to 1.

Held to a single tally in the first half by virtue of brilliant play of the Newark goalie Sousa and his mates, the Steelworkers came out in the second chapter a different club. Their passing attack fairly baffled the visitors, and their defense was impregnable as a stonewall except on one occasion when the Newark club broke through for their only goal. But that goal of the visiting eleven was to late for Bethlehem had regained that wonderful stride that was missing in the opening 45 minutes of play, and victory loomed bright in the distance.

Archie Stark, clever center forward of the Bethlehem machine, who leads the Eastern League scorers in matter of point tallying, proved to a loyal band of rooters just why he is up on the top. Twice in that second half he netted well-placed drives, and his play in the field was enough to inspire any team to victory. Purgavie counted the only Bethlehem goal in the first half, while Tommy Gillespie sent the other tally of the second half. Cameron, inside right of the Newark crew was the scorer of the visitors' only counter.

Bethlehem began the battle with a local lad, Johnny Hurt, who was the star of the Lehigh Valley League with the Portuguese last season, as their goal tender. Saturday was Horn's second trial with the Steelmen, having played the same foe in Newark a week ago.

Hardly had the game started when Sousa began his brilliant work in the goal mouth for the Newark machine, when he took the first Bethlehem shot quite easily and booted it out of danger. Three times within the first five minutes of the play was Sousa forced to stop labeled drives and each time he was successful.

It required twenty minutes of hard fought play in the initial half before the Steelworkers finally broke into the scoring column. Bethlehem had taken the oval down the field with a beautiful bit of passing to the very mouth of the goal, but "Jock" Marshall, former Bethlehem back thwarted the Bethlehem attempt with a header that cleared. But Bethlehem was back again and Purgavie sent the ball goalward, straight as an arrow's flight and he was following closely. Between the two backs, Purgavie went, ball in control, to the mouth of the posts where he sent the leather past Sousa. And that one lone counter ended the scoring for the opening half.

Newark trotted out into the field for the second half, with light gray shirts replacing their red jerseys on account of the sweltering summer sun. After fifteen minutes of play, that reminded one of the Steelworkers' first half play, Bethlehem suddenly snapped out of their slump, Dick taking the ball from scrimmage dribbled nearly half the length of the green, before he shot a hard pass across to Purgavie. Newark closed in upon Purgavie, but with a quick boot he ball sailed to Gillespie in front of the goal, "Tommy" booting the oval past Sousa for the Bethlehem eleven's second marker.

With the score 2-0 against them Newark made a determined bid and were successful. Cameron bringing the ball in front of the goal with Horn drawn out of his station, encountered little trouble in scoring.

Then came Archie Stark to lead his mates to triumph. Taking a pass from Jaap, Stark scored from twenty yards out for his first goal. Ten minutes were left then.

Then, followed Stark's more brilliant goal, drawing Sousa out of his goal after taking a pass from Gillespie. Stark made a motion as if to boot the ball in. But instead with a brilliant bit of footwork he wheeled around Sousa and then with plenty of time and no one to stop his shot sent the ball banging into the net. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Newark F. C.
Horn -- G -- Sousa
McDonald -- RFB -- Marshall
Allan -- LFB -- Thomson
Rollo -- RFB -- McGrath
Carnihan -- CHB -- Dubrenney
McGregor -- LHB -- Myers
Gillespie -- OR -- Turley
Jaap -- IR -- Cameron
Stark -- CF -- Phillips
Dick -- IL -- Duggan
Purgavie -- OL -- McGowan
Goals: Stark 2, Gillespie, Purgavie, Cameron. Substitutions: Smith for McGrath. Referee: "Billy" Forrest. Linesmen: Williams and Pepper. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club