The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 1, 1928
Local Booters Share in Home Game But Win in New York

Active in exhibition games over the weekend the Bethlehem soccer team drew with the New York Giants here on Saturday at 3 goals each and on Sunday journeyed to New York where in a return game Bethlehem emerged victorious by the score of 3 to 2.

Draw at Home

Most of the game here on Saturday was played in a light drizzle of rain but the elements did seem to impede the merit of the teams and there were many flashes of cleverness on the part of both teams. Because of the weather conditions, the fact that the game was an exhibition affair and the conflicting attractions, only a fair sized crowd witnessed the contest.

In the first half Bethlehem had the better of the playing, but was unable to accurately locate the net. Several times with the play almost directly in front of the New Yorkers' goal, the Bethlehem forwards would try for a goal, only to have the ball stopped and sent back to midfield. In the first period of play Bethlehem missed opportunities to score on three corner kicks. New York had one corner kick. Toward the end of the half, the Giant forwards secured possession of the ball and made a desperate rally. However, the score at half time showed a zero mark for both teams.

At the start of the second half the New Yorkers, displaying unusual class took the ball to close proximity of the Bethlehem goal. A minute later McMullen scored the first for New York when he received a throw in from Harrington, outside left. Bethlehem rallied following this goal and carried the thick of the fight back into New York's half of the field, only to have the ball returned. After several minutes of playing, Harrington, in attempting to score, drew McClure the Bethlehem custodian out of goal and then breasted the ball in for the second goal.

With the score of 2-0 against them, Bethlehem seemed to suddenly spring to life, it was then the fans were treated to an exhibition of playing that Bethlehem has always been famous for: speedy and accurate passing combined with clever head-work. The scene of play shifted from in front of Bethlehem's goal to New York territory. Bethlehem missed three good chances to score when in a mix-up in front of the Giants goal the ball was kicked out by a New York fullback in an effort to red danger from the goal. On the corner kick, Bethlehem again muffed a chance and shortly after Marshall was awarded a free kick that did not take effect.

Bethlehem's first goal came in the middle of the second half. McGrillen scored from the left side of the field in a shot that was literally dropped into the goal. A few minutes later McGrillen scored a second counter for Bethlehem. Then followed ten minutes of good hard playing. Several times both teams threatened their opponents goal, but it remained for Jackson, Bethlehem center forward, to received a pass from McGrillen, to head the ball into the net.

Both teams played hard to score with the game shifting from one end of the field to another. With about two minutes to play the New Yorkers once more rallied and carried the ball into Bethlehem territory. Harrington sent a fast one which McClure, the Bethlehem goalie, knocked back into the field, only to have McMullen, new York center forward, kick it past him to notch the goal that evened the game. A minute later the final whistle blew. The lineup:

Bethlehem -- New York
McClure -- G -- Fisher
Marshall -- RFB -- Glover
Reid -- LFB -- Moohouse
Barrie -- RHB -- Cameron
Wilson -- CHB -- Herd
Robertson -- LHB -- McKenney
McGrillen -- OR -- Hogg
Mulhall -- IR -- Campbell
Jackson -- CF -- McMullen
Rollo -- IL -- O'Brien
Purgavie -- OR -- Harrington
Goals -- Bethlehem: McGrillen 2, Jackson; New York: McMullen 2, Harrington. Referee: Pepper. Linesmen: Forrest and Morrison. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Win in New York

Playing an excellent brand of soccer, the Bethlehem team with quite a few newcomers in the lineup defeated the Giants at Starlight Park on Sunday afternoon by the score of 3 to 2. The games, also an exhibition affair, was witnessed by a crowd of close to fifteen hundred fans.

When the two teams got together there was little semblance of an exhibition or friendly affair. In fact both gave as good as they could and it was a hard game from start to finish.

From the kickoff the play ruled very even from fully twenty minutes, until Purgavie broke away on the left and sending over a great pass right across the goal mouth, enabled Tommy Gillespie to score the first goal with a fast low shot.

Bethlehem attacked strongly and should have forged further ahead shortly after, but Purgavie missed badly with only Duncan in front of him.

The Giants were gradually finding their feet and forcing the Steel Workers upon the defensive, and thirty-five minutes had elapsed when George Moorhouse got hold of the ball on a free kick from midfield, whipped in a terrific drive which beat McClure all the way to tie up the score.

The Steel Workers increased their lead to 3 to 1 ten minutes after resuming. Purgavie completely fooling Duncan with a fast cross shot but Moorhouse once more came into the limelight with a clever header to make the score 3 to 2. The Giants had a great chance to equalize when Allen tripped up Schwartz in the penalty area but McKenny mad a bad mess of the spot kick by shooting yards wide.

New York -- Bethlehem
Duncan -- G -- McClure
Sternberg -- RFB -- Barrie
Glover -- LFB -- Allen
Cameron -- RHB -- Delaney
Herd -- CHB -- Carnihan
Moorhouse -- LHB -- McGregor
Schwarz -- OR -- Gillespie
Haeusler -- IR -- Mulhall
Campbell -- CF -- Stark
O'Brien -- IL -- Mashie
Harrington -- OL -- Purgavie
Referee: G. Ferrier, Linesmen: T. Forshaw and R. Terris. Subs -- Gruenwald for Haeusler, McKenny for Harrington. Goals for Bethlehem: Gillespie, Mulhall and Purgavie; for the Giants: Moorhouse 2. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club