The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 2, 1928
With No Compromise In Sight Formal Organization Likely on Wednesday Night

Forma action in the organization of a new professional soccer league will probably be taken on Wednesday night at which Bethlehem, New York Giants and Newark, the three suspended American Soccer League clubs will have representatives.

The tentative plans for the league were discussed at a meeting held last week but no formal action taken pending a definite status in the relations between the American Soccer League and the United States Football Association.

These relations will be determined when the U. S. F. A. replies to the demand of the league that the three clubs be rejected from the cup play and that each of the clubs be prohibited from playing exhibition or league games.

Parties interested in the proposed new league contend that there is but one reply the National Association can make and that is not only to reject the demand but to suspend the league. If such action is taken the league will assume the status of an outlaw organization.

Since the meeting held last week the clubs for the proposed new league have been busy building up their teams and it is understood there will be some quite interesting and encouraging reports to be made at the Wednesday meeting.

The new circuit will have the support and backing of the United States Football Association and it is understood that Armstrong Patterson, president of the association, is hastening East from Detroit, Mich., and will be here to attend the session. If that is true, it is likely that the final reply to the American Soccer League will be withheld pending his arrival.

The Bethlehem team is carrying on as though not implicated in any of the controversy. Players are going through regular training and are keeping fit for whatever games are arranged. For the weekend the club will not be idle. In fact, two exhibition games are booked. On Saturday, the team will meet Newark on the latter's grounds and on Sunday will clash with the New York Celtics, one of the teams proposed for the new circuit. The latter game will be played at Astoria, Long Island.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club