The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 3, 1918
When the Soccer Whistle Blows

To retain the hold on the National challenge cup the Bethlehem F. C. face a much harder proposition than they did in winning the honors last season. An announcement is made that twenty-five clubs, among them many new to the classic, have entered the United States Football Association's national challenge cup competition. Approximately all these clubs will seek the supreme title of the kicking game in this country in 1918-1919.

No attempt is made to take credit away from the Bethlehem club in winning the honor last season, for while not as many clubs were listed in the classic the clubs that did compete were made up of the best players in the country. However, this season many of the clubs that are now listed are new organizations and in an effort to produce the strongest aggregations possible, ravaged the make-up of the older clubs and combined all star players in their make-up.

As indicated in the opening game with Paterson on Saturday, Bethlehem is going to be a strong competitor in the National Cup competition as well as the American cup classic and the National League. The tam that Manager Sheridan has gathered together is practically the same that brought home the honors last season. Only two vacancies occurred and these, due to the draft. The vacancies, however, have been suitably filled and the men who are covering the positions work in well with the scientific playing of the team.

All the entries for the competition must reach T. W. Cahill, United States Football Association secretary, by Saturday noon. The N.C.C.C. committee of the association will handle the drawings for the early rounds of the competition in the meeting to be held in New York on Sunday morning.

Following is the list of teams entered thus far:

Magyar American A. C., Cleveland, O.; Lincoln Park F. C., Chicago; Federal Shipbuilding, East Newark, N. J.; Fisk Red Tops F. C., Chicopee Falls, Mass.; Harvey F. C., Harvey, Ill.; New York F. C.; Paterson (N. P.) F. C.; Bridgeport F. C.; Robins Dry Dock F. C. and Morse Dry Dock F. C. of Brooklyn; Scottish American F. C, East Newark, N. J.; Standard Shipyard F. C., Shooters Island, N. Y.

Also Swedish A. C., Bridgeport, Conn.; Scottish American A. C, Chicago; J & P Coats, Pawtucket, R. I.; Disston A. A. F. C., Tacony, Philadelphia; Merchant Ship F. C., Teams A and B, Harrisman, Pa.; new York Ship F. C., Camden, N. J.; Merrimack Valley F. C., Andover, Mass.; Bricklayers and masons F. C., Chicago; Bethlehem Steel F. C., Bethlehem, Pa.; Babcock & Wilcox, F. C., Bayonne, N. J.; and American Hungarian A. A., of Chicago.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club