The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday October 4, 1920
Federal F. C. of New York Proved No Match, Saturday, For Local Eleven

by Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel defeated Federal F. C. of New York in a National League game on the Bethlehem Steel field on Saturday afternoon by the score of five goals to none. The Shipbuilders showed some clever football in the opening session but in finishing were completely outclassed by the Steel Workers.

In the first half the visitors had several opportunities to score but were unable to take advantage, whereas the opposite was the case with the Bethlehem quintet. Five goals were registered in the first half by the Steel Workers, each as the result of combination work in the line. "Whitey" Fleming was in great form in the opening stages and was responsible for the first two goals. Brittan, Powell and Satterwaite also broke into the scoring column due to the ability to take advantage of opportunities. At the end of the first half the Steel Workers enjoyed a safe and comfortable lead.

In the second half, the visitors showed much improved form but it was clearly apparent that the home contingent was more inclined to give an exhibition of clever soccer than to add to its already large total of goals with the result that the Shipbuilders often looked dangerous and would undoubtedly have scored on several occasions but for the same weakness that was apparent in their attack in the opening half.

For the Steel Workers, Campbell, Brittan and Fleming were best, while for the Shipbuilders the left wing was the most prominent and Piatt, goalkeeper could not e blamed for any of the shots that beat him. This victory gives Bethlehem a comfortable lead in the league race.

Four members of the Bethlehem forward line made their initial local appearance. They were Brittan, Powell, Satterwaite and Wilson. The latter caught a game of baseball for the Steel team and then took a wing position for the soccer outfit. This may have had something to do with the poor showing of Wilson in shooting, for he was decidedly of when several excellent opportunities presented. He will also greatly improve when he learns to center the ball more frequently. On several occasions, the inside men were in good position to score but Jimmy elected to take a crack at the goal himself and the ball invariably went high over the bar where probably a center would have resulted in a score.

Bethlehem lost the toss but was the first to attack and Clark was early called upon to save from Powell. Ply was soon transferred to the other end of the field. After 10 minutes of play, Fleming received a beautiful pass from Brittan and then cleverly beating McCrom, the outside left, curved the ball past Piatt for the opening score. Bethlehem continued to attack and a nice individual effort from Fleming made Bethlehem's second goal, Piatt again having no chance to stop the drive.

With a two-goal lead Bethlehem played in a confident style and all the forwards had shots at the goal. Offside against Satterwaite spoiled a nice movement of the line but Bethlehem again bore down on the Federal defense and clever work by Powell ended in Wilson shooting past. Bethlehem's third goal was a pretty shot from Brittan on a pass from Powell. The latter showed unselfishness in passing to Brittan when he could quite easily have shot himself. The visitors were playing clever football despite the increase in the locals' score but they were unable to penetrate the Bethlehem defense. Bethlehem scored two more goals, Satterwaite scoring on a pass from Fleming and Powell scoring on a beautiful cross from Wilson.

For Bethlehem, the second half was purely a matter of holding the visitors from scoring and the Steel Workers accomplished the task without great exertion. Several times the Bethlehem goal was in danger but on each occasion some member of the defense cropped in with the necessary clearance. The visitors' forwards frequently advanced but they lacked the finishing power.

The best opportunity to score for Bethlehem was presented to Wilson when he broke away from the fullbacks but his finishing shot was very poor. It was practically the same kind of shot that fell to Brittan in the first half when he deftly touched the ball into the net. Wilson on the other hand drove with all his power with the result that the ball went wide of the mark. Clever play characterized the closing stages but no more scoring occurred on either side. The lineup:

Federal Ship -- Bethlehem
Piatt -- G -- Easton
McCrum -- RFB -- Collier
Randall -- LFB -- Ferguson
Richardson -- RHB -- Murray
S. Jamison - -CHB -- Campbell
Moucher -- LHB -- Morrison
Kitt -- OR -- Wilson
M. Jamison -- IR -- Satterwaite
Brierly -- CF -- Powell
Stewart -- IL -- Brittan
Fields -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Fleming, 2; Brittan, Powell, Satterwaite. Referee -- J. H. Carpenter. Linesmen -- Fraser and Duncan. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club