The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 4, 1928
Mandate Announced While New League Was Organized in New York

While plans were being formulated for the organization of a new soccer league, tentatively known as the Untied States Soccer League, at a meeting held in New York last evening, the United States Football Association, the governing body of soccer, announced through Thomas W. Cahill, its secretary, that a blanket suspension, effective from October 2, had been ordered against the American League "for failing to comply with the mandate of the U. S. F. A. which ordered the league to rescind its suspension and $1,000 fines imposed on the New York Giants, Bethlehem Steel and Newark Clubs."

Under the suspension, the seven clubs left in the league, since the trio withdrew from it and entered a new nine-club league confined to New York, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, must remain inactive indefinitely or resort to playing outlaw football, which officials said might lead to the players and officials beings suspended for life by the International Federation of which the U. S. F. A. is a member.

In addition to the suspension of the league the United States Referee's Association sent out a circular letter to all members stating that they must abide by the mandate of the U. S. F. A., all of which means that until the suspension is lifted, if ever, they cannot officiate in American Soccer League games. As a result, the league may be hard put for officials for the weekend schedule.

The meeting was quite enthusiastic and although all plans were made no officers will be elected until another meeting to be held next Monday evening . The delay in organizing was on the advice of Armstrong Patterson, president of the National Commission, who was unable to come on from Detroit, Mich., to attend the meeting, but will be present at the meeting to be held next Monday night. President Armstrong in his advices to the new league suggested that the organization proceed cautiously, realizing that the league will be the premier professional soccer circuit in the East and therefore be careful of the strength and possibilities of the members to be admitted.

Acting upon this advice the representatives adopted a resolution naming four clubs as a basis of the league. These clubs are Bethlehem, New York Giants, Newark and Philadelphia. These clubs are empowered to act and decide on the clubs to be admitted.

The enthusiasm prevalent at the meeting was strongly reflected when deposits were asked from each of the clubs and the representatives were ready and posted their $500. The teams included are the above mentioned four, New York Hakoah, New York Hispano, New York Rangers, formerly the I. R. T. Strollers.

That the American Soccer League may resort to legal steps to discourage the existence of a new league is anticipated. Other efforts to discourage the league it is understood have already been made. Although not positive it is believed that one of the representatives at the first meeting was a representative of the American Soccer League. At least, it was said, that this representative, seemingly quite enthusiastic at the initial meeting, was not present last night but sent word that he did not care to apply for a franchise at this time. Furthermore it is understood that the American League knew of the entire proceedings the day after the meeting.

Another effort to discourage the league was made in Philadelphia, when it is understood Mr. Sanders, representing the Philadelphia Centennials was approached with a proposition to enter the A. S. L. The proposition, reported to the league by Mr. Sanders, was either to place a team in the circuit or allow the league to place a team in Philadelphia and appoint him manager of the club. The league representatives who interviewed Mr. Sanders were Sam Fletcher, former Bethlehem player and now manager of the Providence Club, and a Mr. Morrisson, believed to be a representative of the Brooklyn Club.

The forfeits of the representatives were posted as evidence of good faith and to protect themselves. For the time being the league will comprise only eight clubs which will leave room for expansion. It was definitely decided to open the schedule on October 13and 14.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club