The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 4, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Why All the Threats?
That the American Soccer League is resorting to every possible means of discouraging, obstructing and preventing the new league from a right to existence, is apparent by alleged evidence of tactics resorted to and which have come to the attention of the new league. If the American Soccer League is so convincingly secure in its position of strength, why should the circuit worry over the new organization? Why make all sorts of threats, legal and otherwise, to hinder the progress of the new organization? That is what representatives in the new circuit are loath to understand. The new league is going ahead entirely disinterested in the American Soccer League and furthermore is moving along in harmony with the national body and in organizing is firm in the opinion that a competitive soccer league, more compact than the American League, will serve to the interest of soccer. The league's efforts to dominate soccer in the United States are apparently crumbling and if disaster is staring it in the face, it has no one else to blame but the high-handed manner in which the league attempted to carry on affairs through the vested power of its president. The league is but one of hundreds of similar bodies affiliated with the U. S. F. A.

A Compromise
Although the contro9versy is at its height and legal proceedings are now threatened by the American Soccer League, it is still possible for a truce. In fact, it is believed that a Fall River paper has suggested a compromise between the A. S. L. and the U. S. F. A. Singularly, too, that such a truce should be suggested in Fall River, the team that is credited as one of the influential instigators in the soccer upheaval. In analyzing the situation the only compromise possible, it is believed, is if the league rescinds its action against the three alleged deserting clubs and is again restored in the good graces of the U. S. F. A. There could then be two divisions of the American League, the one to comprise the New England clubs as they are and the other division the newly organized league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club