The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 6, 1926
Stellar Forward To Be Seen With Indiana Flooring Against Bethlehem.

That grand old veteran of soccer, Bob Millar, who once sported the colors of the Bethlehem team, will be a visitor to this city on Saturday afternoon. The comes to Bethlehem as the king pin in the forward line of the Indiana Flooring team which meets Bethlehem in an American Soccer league game on Lehigh field.

While a forward Millar has earned the reputation of being equally as efficient as a defensive player and his roving disposition in a soccer game frequently finds him out of his position and contributing his efforts where they are most needed. On the Indiana forward line the veteran is well supported by an able cast, having such celebrities as McGhee and McKenna, these two players also at one time Bethlehem men on the left wing. Carlson, a dangerous shooting forward at the center position and Gallagher and Purvis on the right wing.

The club is by no means overrated, a fact that is evident by the position they occupy in the American Soccer League race. Indiana is tied for third after its brilliant victory over New Bedford, the latter a team which in two games took three out of a possible four points from Fall River.

According to the official accepted percentage tabulation Bethlehem leads the league with a percentage of .851. The Brooklyn Wanderers are second with a percentage of .667, Indiana Flooring, Boston, Springfield are tied for third place with a percentage of .625. As Indiana meets Bethlehem here on Saturday and then journeys to New York for a second meeting with the floormen, the outcome of these games will have a material bearing on the standing of the top clubs. Indiana has the opportunity to tighten up the league even further than it is at the present for a dual victory or even an even break would weaken Bethlehem's hold on first place.

While extolling the merits of some of the individuals on the Indiana club, it would be an injustice to pass over Brown, the New Yorkers' goalie, who on his showing against Bethlehem ranks him as one of the foremost custodians in the league. Many fans will still recall Brown's marvelous work in the games last year.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club