The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 7, 1926
New Yorkers Will Be Here Saturday -- Same Teams in Gotham Sunday

A twin bill against Indiana Flooring of New York, is the layout for the undefeated Bethlehem soccer team, the national champions going to bat in the first game against the Gotham floormen on Saturday afternoon and then returning the compliment with a trip to the big town for a Sunday clash.

Floorers Are Fast

It will be the first meeting between the two teams for this season and it is needless to say that Bethlehem will strive hard to keep its record of no defeats unblemished. In Indiana Flooring, Bethlehem meets one of the strongest clubs in the league, a club that has sustained two defeats out of eight games but defeats that were by such close margin not to reflect on the playing merit of the New Yorkers.

Indiana's most coveted victory to date was probably that over New Bedford on Sunday. It was also cherished by Bethlehem for it helped to put the first place hold of the champions. However, Indiana will be just as keen to dump Bethlehem out of the lead.

Indiana Has New Men

When the New Yorkers come here the fans will note several changes to the lineup. The management has not been idle during the lay off months and has signed players who came to the club with big reputations. One of these is Chatton, a right halfback, who was an Irish Internationalist and played First Division Scottish League football on the same club with which Bill Carnihan was at one time associated. Another imported stars is Donald a Scottish First Division player, who takes care of one of the back positions with Clark, a bang up player from the Dominion.

While Indiana has a forward line with which no club can take a chance, it appears that the management has concentrated mostly in developing a defensive outfit. That is where the real strength of the club seems to lie, and goals against them have been few and far between. A former popular member of the Bethlehem team with Indiana is Davy Ferguson, a good back. However, it is said that the Clark and Donald holding sway. Ferguson is unable to make the team.

Indiana Unknown Quantity

The Bethlehem team is anxious for a meeting with Indiana. It means just one more game with an opponent that has not yet been met and after the round of all the teams has been made, will give the club a pretty good idea of what is to be expected.

To date Bethlehem has played seven games and is the only undefeated team in the league. Bethlehem defeated Newark twice, the Giants twice, Providence once, and drew with Brooklyn and Fall River.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club