The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 7, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Sentiment Warming Up For Soccer
Only a luke warm sentiment favoring soccer has prevailed the last several seasons. There was the regular army of cash customers who could work themselves into a frenzied state, but generally the sprit was half hearted. Bethlehem kept plugging and by doing things, most notable of which was the winning of the National soccer championship, forced recognition. Sports followers took a tumble and now many of those who spent an afternoon on Lehigh Field "merely to be outdoors" are among the staunchest rooters. They are beginning to recognize the merits of the game and the high powered booting clan that is representing this city. It is truthfully said that it is a good many years ago since interest was as keen in soccer as it is at the present time. The equality of the teams and likewise the even basis on which the clubs are put in the arrangement of the schedule has much to do with the interest inspired. Soccer talk is heard where it was never heard before. The luke warm fan has become a rabid supporter. It augurs well for the future.

Gloom in Fall River
The cocky attitude of Fall River, the club that could never be beaten, is now transformed into gloom. Having the team set back so consistently and held to draw games is an experience new for Fall River fans, who have not been backward in voicing their disappointment. They are on the neck of Sam marks and the Fall River magnate is employing every strategic move at his command to alter conditions. Manager Mark's strategy thus far was seemingly not very wisely executed. Sam let out stars and brought in others, but these have failed to produce. Fall River has already experienced more defeats at this early date in the season than in the entire season last year. And what seems to be most painful is that the league champions, instead of gracing one of the top positions in the standing, is hanging along something like eighth or ninth. Fall River may pull together and start to climb, but it is going to be a hard climb.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club