The Globe – Bethlehem
Monday, October 9, 1922
Newly Organized Bethlehem Soccer Eleven Needs More Practices Together

The newly-organized Bethlehem Steel F. C. opened the soccer season on Saturday against the Philadelphia F. C. in an American League game in Philadelphia and lost by the score of 2 goals to 1. The Steel Workers were not at full strength and they were also under the additional handicap of being strangers to one another’s style of play. However, they gave a clever display of soccer despite the adverse results and they had much more of the play than the Philadelphia team particularly during the second half when they kept the ball in the vicinity of Ness most of the time, but were unfortunate in their efforts to locate the net. Philadelphia scored in the early part of the first half on a penalty awarded against Young for handling. This was an unfortunate break for the new fullback because he could not be blamed in any way, the ball bouncing from the rough ground when he was making an effort to clear. The bad break for Bethlehem seemed to put life into the Phillies and they carried the ball to the vicinity of Kerr with great determination and with little regard for the methods adopted and they were able again to score when Houston got the better of Forrest and shot from close range.

At the restart Bethlehem started off with a rush. Corners were forced on the Phillies until the total reached nine, but the lack of necessary team work at critical periods was the main factor in saving the Phillies’ citadel. Bethlehem did score as the result of many scrimmages in front of the Phillies’ goal. Raeside giving the ball the final touch, but try as they would they could not get the equalizing goal. The lineup:

Philadelphia – Bethlehem
Ness – G – Kerr
McLaughlin – RFB – Young
Campbell – LFB – Forrest
Kirkpatrick – RHB – Rattray
Flynn – CHB – Raeside
Fullerton – LHB – Terris
Runney – OR – Bishop
Houston – IR – McFarlane
Rogers – CF – McNiven
McGhee – IL – Faulds
Andrews – OL – Goldie
Linesmen: S. Wilson and J. Wilson. Referee, John Walders. Goals, Houston, McGhee, Raeside. Two 45 minute periods.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club