The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 9, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Plastering on the Fines
By the time the Bethlehem soccer team completes the schedule in the new league or probably long before that the club will be in a sate of complete bankruptcy if "Bill" Cunningham, president of the now outlawed American Soccer League, continues to plaster on fines. He is handing out fines as liberally as he did decisions and quite threatening as to what action will follow if the fines are not paid. It has come to the attention of the writer that for playing an exhibition game against the New York Giants, Mr. Cunningham slapped on a $500 fine. The price of exhibition games soared higher for playing two games over the weekend the local management was notified that another fine of $1,000 had been added. If Cunningham continues to fine the three ousted clubs the managements will go dizzy trying to keep track of them.

Where the Jurisdiction?
Bethlehem is no longer a member of the American Soccer League by virtue of action taken by "Bill" Cunningham, who after firing the club out of the circuit, along with the New York Giants and Newark, now comes along and tries to deprive these teams of all means of existence. In other words, when President Cunningham issued his mandate he apparently expected the three clubs to lay down and play dead. The counter action in organizing a new league was no doubt entirely unexpected and now that the new league has come into existence and the old league outlawed by the U. S. F. A., it looks as though the threats of the chief executive are a dying yelp. To collect these fines, the substance of the communications from the office of the president indicate that the league is planning legal action.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club