The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 10, 1925

Providence held a 1 to 0 advantage over Beth. Steel at the end of the first half in an American League soccer game, on the Steel Field, this afternoon. Adair placed Providence score five minutes after the opening of hostilities after receiving a pass from Florie, outside right, who made a clever run down the wings and shot through to Adair.

Terrific wind made shots uncertain and injuries to players were numerous in the first half. Granger, Bethlehem's inside right, was forced out of the contest for ten minutes when kicked in the ankle. Providence had the edge on Bethlehem in point of play in the opening period largely through clever work by Adair and Abdullah, the latter Providence's star Egyptian outside left.

Bethlehem -- Providence
Carson -- G -- Suvginer
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- McAulay
Allan -- LFB -- Abel
McDonald -- RHB -- Nelson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Izatt
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Forrest -- OR -- Adair
Granger -- IR -- Goudy
A. Stark -- CF -- Renfrew
Rollo -- IL -- Abdullah
Goldie -- OL -- Florie
Referee: C. Outs, Paterson. Linesmen, Walter and Murphy.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club