Bethlehem Globe-Times
Monday, October 10, 1927
Booster Club Parades to Field Behind City Band of Bethlehem.

The American Soccer League pennant for the season 1926-27 was raised at the former Bethlehem Steel Athletic Field as a fitting prelude to the Bethlehem-Boston game. The City Band of Bethlehem, a company of the National Guard, and a sizable crowd were in attendance.

Preceding the ceremonies at the field, there was a parade which formed at the Hotel Bethlehem, moving shortly after 2 p.m., north on Main Street to Broad, east on Broad to Center Street, thence direct to the field. Motorcycle policemen, bearing flags, were at the head of the column, followed by the band, under the direction of its leader, Claude M. Stauffer. The Guardsmen followed immediately thereafter, the remainder of the parade consisting of machines occupied by city officials and members of the Booster Club, with many boosters on foot.

Upon arrival at the enclosure the musicians took position outside the dressing room, and, on the appearance of the two teams, circled the field. The players, two abreact, the Boston players forming one line, the Bethlehem boys the other, followed the band around the field to the flagstaff.

Booster Harry Bennett made a short speech at the base of the flagstaff, telling of the prowess of the team in winning the pennant. Eugene Collins, vice president of the Booster Club, then manipulated the ropes, and, to the inspiring tones of the National anthem, the pennant, surmounted by the American flag, was hoisted to the top of the pole. The crowd rose to its feet, the players and guardsmen stood rigidly to attention and dipped colors as the musicians played.

Then pennant, which is a handsome banner in blue and white, the club’s colors, will flutter at the top of the staff at every home game this season.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club