The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 11, 1920
[...]SOCCER [...]RLING GAME [...] 3 GOALS TO 2
[...] of the Hardest Battles Ever [...] Waged in New Jersey Field
Local Team's Fine Physical Condition Pulls it Through at End.

by Sita Dell
In a National League game on Clark's Field, Kearney, N. J., yesterday afternoon, Bethlehem Steel defeated the Erie A. A. by three goals to two in one of the greatest struggles ever seen on that [...] Four thousand spectators witnessed the game.

The game was fast from the start and Bethlehem was the first to score. Erie soon equalized and before half time took the lead. In the second half Bethlehem started off in a determined manner but the Eries were playing a wonderful game and it was not until within twenty minutes of the finish that Bethlehem was able to equalize the score by a beautiful shot by Brittan. Both teams struggled desperately for the winning goal in the closing stages and the physical condition of Bethlehem proved too much for the Erie team who were completely worn out by the fast pace.

Ten minutes from the finish Bethlehem nosed into the lead, when Fleming scored the winning goal by a fine individual effort. In the Erie lineup were five players that assisted the St. Louis team on their recent tour to Sweden and their inclusion made the Eries exceptionally strong. These players were Tintle in goal, Post, left fullback, Blakey, left halfback, Cooper, center halfback, and Brown, outside left.

However, they were not quite strong enough for the Steel Workers and the victory was deserved. This win gives Bethlehem a commanding lead in the league, having played three of the seven games scheduled away from home and winning all of them.

For the Eries, Blakey at left halfback and Stark at inside right were most prominent. For Bethlehem the entire defense played an outstanding game and the forward line was the best that represented Bethlehem this season, Brittan at center forward showing good headwork in balancing his wings. Fleming's deadly foot was once more a decisive factor in the Bethlehem machine. No player on the field got in more hard work than Campbell at center half and his covering up of the defense at critical moments was a great asset to the Bethlehem team.

The Eries won the toss and were the first to attack. Brown shot past when well placed. Bethlehem soon took up the running and Fleming forced a corner but nothing materialized and both defenses were tested from long range. Once more Bethlehem attacked and another corner was forced on Ingram. Fleming's center was well placed and Forrest hit the bar with a header. Tintle cleared but the ball went to Fleming and the latter with a beautiful curving shot completely deceived Tintle for the opening goal.

The Eries played desperately after this and within two minutes equalized the score, Brown heading into the net on a well placed corner by Ford. This goal was the signal for a grueling battle and both teams struggled desperately for the leading goal.

Erie had more opportunities to score than Bethlehem in the opening half but their shots lacked direction and either went over the bar or past the posts, Easton seldom being called upon to handle. With ten minutes to go in this session the Eries forced another corner and Blakey got possession when it seemed as if Bethlehem had cleared and with a low shot beat Easton. The crowd went wild with enthusiasm at this success and it looked as if any minute the Eries would add to the score but the Bethlehem defense held out and at half time Erie was leading by the score of 2 to 1.

In the second half Bethlehem started off in the usual aggressive manner and they had much the best of the first twenty minutes of play but were unable to penetrate the defense and the Erie's again took up the attack. Easton, however, was in good form, and handled any shots that came his way in an accomplished manner. After twenty-five minutes of play, Murray passed the ball to Wilson and on a cross from the latter, Brittan tied the score with a beautiful shot from the twenty yard range. This goal was all that was necessary to give the Bethlehem machine the confidence that was needed and they completely outplayed the Erie defense and ten minutes from the finish, Fleming got possession on a pass from Forrest and after cleverly eluding two defenders put Bethlehem in the lead with a shot that was too much for Tintle. The Eries played desperately to at lest tie this core and changed their forward line in an effort to try and penetrate the Bethlehem defense. The result, however, was exactly the opposite, their well working machine being completely demoralized. Instead of a unit of five men on their attack, they resorted to individual efforts and despite the fact that they forced two corners they were never really dangerous and Bethlehem ran out worthy winners by three goals to two. The lineup:

Erie -- Bethlehem
Tintle -- G -- Easton
Ingram -- RFB -- Wilson
Post -- LFB -- Ferguson
T. Stark -- RHB -- Murray
Cooper -- CHB -- Campbell
Blakey - -LHB -- Morrison
Ford -- OR -- Wilson
A. Stark -- IR -- Satterwaite
Heminsley -- CF -- Brittan
Koelsch -- IL -- Forrest
Brown -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Fleming, 2; Brittan, Brown, Blakey. Referee -- A. Birchall. Linesmen, for Bethlehem, Duncan, for Erie, Neilson. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club