The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 11, 1926
New Yorkers Put Up Rattling Good Game Here Saturday Afternoon

A sensational save by Brown on a penalty kick in the opening minute of play deprived Bethlehem steel of a victory over Indiana Flooring in the American Soccer League game played on the Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon. Brown's neat work and daring headlong dive to deflect Goldie's terrific shot forced Bethlehem to share the league points when the score at the final whistle was deadlocked at one goal each.

Golie Brown Prevents Score
In the first few minutes of play Bethlehem was pressing and in clearing forced Indiana to concede a corner. On the kick coming over from Goldie Referee Howley detected an infraction and awarded the Bethlehems a penalty. Goldie took the kick and drove with terrific speed toward the left corner of the net. Brown made a headlong dive for the ball, with his arm extended and managed to deflect it out of danger. His effort cost his teammates another corner. Goldie again taking the kick but no damage resulted.

Brown again proved his worth as a goalie on a movement down the field, in which Gillespie had the parting shot. He drove hard for goal but Brown was there to take it. Indiana then became the aggressor and initiated an attack that was continued until Carlson notched a goal. The ball was in Bethlehem territory where two weak attempts on the right side of the Bethlehem defense to clear were unsuccessful, the ball remaining in the territory. In playing around the Bethlehem goal mouth, Carlson finally got his opportunity and shooting from center sent the ball skimming over the ground into the net. Edwards was hampered in saving by the sun.

Bethlehem played hard to equalize and from then on struck a stride that was continually threatening. However, the Indiana backs were playing brilliant football and frustrated these attempts until the last thirty seconds of play.

Protest Bethlehem Score

In scrimmage in front of the Indiana goal, Gillespie drove for the net. Clark was in the goal mouth with Brown and made the clearance, but Referee Howley ruled that the ball had been over the line and gave Bethlehem the goal. This decision brought a vigorous protest from the visitors and it was several minutes before the game was resumed. Time was so nearly up that the half ended with the kickoff. In the first half Bethlehem forced the visitors to concede four corners against one.

After the restart the play was even faster than the first forty-five minutes and shifted frequently from one end of the field to the other. Along about midway the Steelmen were doing the frequently Indiana, apparently content to share the points, kicked out at every opportunity. With but five more minutes to go and after Bethlehem had been the aggressor, Indiana came back with a surprisingly strong rally and was pressing at the final whistle.

The game probably cost Bethlehem two of its forwards for a time. Granger and Gillespie were forced to leave the field with injuries. Forrest and Jaap substituted in the second half. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Indiana Flooring
Edwards -- G-- Brown
Barrie -- RFB -- Clark
Allan -- LFB -- Donald
Rankin -- RHB -- Chatton
Carnihan -- CHB -- Terris
McGregor -- LHB -- McIntosh
Gillespie -- OR -- Gallagher
Granger -- IR -- Purvis
Stark -- CF -- McKenna
Rollo -- IL -- Carlson
Goldie -- OL -- McGhee
Goals - -Carlson, Gillespie. Substitutions: Jaap for Gillespie. Forrest for Granger. Referee -- Pat Howley. Time of halves. 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club