The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 12, 1920
Next Battle Before Bethlehem Eleven is with Hibs on Saturday

by Sita Dell
Bethlehem Steel soccer team will visit Philadelphia on Saturday where they will clash with the Hibernians in the first round of the National Cup. The Hibernians have gathered together a strong team and they are probably Philadelphia's best bet in the National contest, and judging from the list of players signed, the steel workers are in for an interesting session. However, the former champions have been anxiously looking forward to the start of the campaign for the National trophy, and if the Hibernians are victorious on Saturday it will be because they are the strongest team that Philadelphia has had in years. The Steel Workers have started this season in a manner that means trouble for most of their opponent, having won four games straight in the National League. Three of these victories being secured on foreign fields but league contests are not nearly as important as cup contests. Particularly the National trophy and the wearers of the blue and white can be relied upon to give the Hibernians tremendous battle for the honor of appearing in the second round.

Against the Eries on Sunday the Bethlehem forward line looked effective in the open, but too many opportunities to shoot went away. Only three direct shots went into the Erie goal and each one counted. Seven former international players were in the Erie line0up on Sunday. Five of the players that assisted the St. Louis team on the Swedish trip, taking part in the game and two members of the Bethlehem team that toured Sweden were also in the Erie lineup.

Bethlehem has a commanding lead in the league race and will concentrate all their efforts in the coming cup contests.

A meeting of the Bethlehem and District Football Association will be held in the library room, Parish House, Church of Nativity tonight at 8 o'clock. All delegates are requested to attend also clubs wishing to come into the league are invited to be on hand. The league also invited to this meeting any person desiring to take up the officiating end of the game. Secretary J. H. Carpenter attended a meeting of the Football Association of Eastern Pennsylvania and District, in Philadelphia, last night. This was the date set for the election of officers of the association. Douglas Stewart was again elected president, Geo. W. Rieger, Jr. first vice president resigned and J. B. Farrell was elected first vice-president; J. H. Carpenter second vice-president, William Palmer, secretary and Reuben H. Spencer, treasurer. Morris W. Johnson was elected delegate to the U. S. F. A. It was reported that eleven hundred players have signed up with various leagues in Philadelphia, the Allied League claiming eight hundred and forty of these. Everything points to a most successful season. The matter of allowing 18 players per club instead of 16 was passed upon favorably from now on all clubs can carry 18 players.

The referee's association of Philadelphia is desirous of having competent men in charge of all games and in view of this they want to start a referee's association in Bethlehem. If enough candidates can be secured, willing to take an examination , the examining board of the Philadelphia referee's association will make a trip to Bethlehem for the purpose of developing men into efficient referees. Any persons interested in this movement will pleasure forward their name and address to the secretary. This is a great opportunity to place Bethlehem on the map in soccer.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club