The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 12, 1925
Rollo and Granger Were Seriously Hurt in Providence Game on Saturday

Bethlehem Steel's defeat at the hands of Providence, on the windswept field on Saturday afternoon was more disastrous to the club than the loss of the two points in the American Soccer League race. With the defeat comes the loss of two of the regular players for a period of approximately a month.

Johnny Granger, inside right, and Johnny Rollo, inside left, are the players that are indisposed on account of injury, and after the first ten minutes of play, on Saturday, were of no use to the team and hardly more than excess baggage. However, they stuck gamely to their task to the final whistle.

Granger was injured when in heading the ball he overturned his ankle in regaining his feet and after that alternated with Forrest, at outside right, the latter playing both outside and inside positions. Rollo was inured when he stumbled and feel an took the shoe of a rival player on his knee.

When the players returned to the club house and the full extent of their injuries disclosed, it was revealed that both were more seriously injured than believed, and neither one is expected to be ready for service for a month or more. Fortunately the team is well provided with front liners. Johnny Jaap will probably be groomed for Granger's job at inside right, while Robertson looks like the logical candidate for Rollo's inside position on the left wing.

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