The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 12, 1925
Strong Winds Sweeping Field Also Add to Lack of Finish of Play

While both teams displaying a slow brand of ball several hundred spectators witnessed one of the most listless American Soccer League games here Saturday when Providence nosed out Bethlehem Steel 1 to 0.

Strong winds that breezed the turf throughout the contest made control of the ball difficult and more than once robbed the teams of seemingly certain scores. Confronted with this, the players also lacked the finish in handling the ball that otherwise would have been the case perhaps.

Adair, the visitors' outside right, scored the lone tally of the tilt five minutes after the opening of hostilities when he received a clever pass from Florie and made a clever run down the wing, completely beating Carson on the shot into the net.

After this the ball see-sawed up and down the field, with neither team making any headway. At times it appeared that Bethlehem failed to take advantage of the winds which they had with them in this period and on several occasions lost through this medium what seemed timely opportunities to score and even the count.

Providence appeared to force the play during the half, with Bethlehem giving an equally strong exhibition on the defense, Carson making several brilliant saves.

Going into the second half with the odds against them, Bethlehem seemed to gain renewed fighting spirit and immediately elected to take the offense. Goldie, MacGregor and McDonald all came dangerously close to placing the ball into the mouth of the net in the opening minutes of this period during a scrimmage near Providence's goal. On one of these occasions, Surgener prevented a tie score by plunging the ground and stopping a whizzing shot made by McGregor as the ball seemed just about to roll into the net. It was a sensational save by Providence's goalie.

Following this uprising on Bethlehem's part, Providence gained an upper hand and kept the play in Bethlehem's territory, Abdullah, the visitor's star Egyptian inside left, peppering the goal three times in five minutes. Good work by Carson, however, prevented his shots from finding the net.

Shortly before the end of the game, Abdullah was guilty of kicking MacGregor on the ankle and precipitated an exchange of blows. Teammates of the hostile principals rushed tot he fracas, however, and separated them only to have both of them rush toward each other again at the conclusion of the match. They were escorted from the field by police amid the boos and hisses of some of the four hundred spectators that witnessed the game.

The score:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Carson -- G -- Surgener
D. Ferguson -- RFB -- McAuley
Allan -- LFB -- Abel
McDonald -- RHB -- Nelson
Carnihan -- CHB -- Izatt
MacGregor -- LHB -- Auld
Forrest -- OR -- Adair
Granger -- IR -- Goudy
A. Stark -- CF -- Renfrew
Rollo -- IL -- Abdullah
Goldie -- OL -- Florie
Goal, Adair. Referee, Coutts, Paterson. Linesmen, Walter and Murphy. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club