Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 14, 1929
Retain League Lead Capturing Four Points in Two Victories

Bethlehem Steel had another profitable weekend in the Eastern Soccer League, annexing all four points at the expense of the Victoria-Hungarians on Lehigh Field Saturday afternoon to the tune of 3 to nil, and Sunday took a 4 to 1 game from the Rangers at McGoldrick's field, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, all of which keeps Bethlehem at the top of the league.

Those who attended Saturday's game between the Steelmen and Hungarians got plenty of action for their trouble. It is true that the brand of soccer displayed was not at times all that could be desired, but the Hungarians put up a rushing determined battle, and until the last twenty minutes of the game were only losers by a penalty goal scored by Jaap, after Welch tripped Dick about ten yards out. Bethlehem tried out their young forward, Henighen, pairing him off with Gillespie. Maybe Henighen is not yet acclimated to American weather and Eastern League soccer, because he found the going pretty hard and at half-time the management relieved him and put Purgavie into the game. The Steelmen also lost McDonald, their sturdy right back, about twenty minutes from the start. He received a badly wrenched knee in collision with a Hungarian player and Gibson took his place. Bethlehem was generous and gave the Hungarians Horn, their reserve goalie, for about twenty minutes of the game, as Scullion was late in putting in an appearance. Horn saved several dangerous shots, one each from Stark and Jaap especially brought him sheers from the spectators.

During the second half, Bethlehem rearranged the front line, with Gillespie, Dick, Stark, Jaap and Purgavie and it worked better. The Hungarian goal had many narrow escapes. Scullion brought off some wonderful saves from Stark and Dick and once about twelve yards out, Purgavie sent in a fa[...] and Scullion by good work just managed to hold it. Bethlehem's second goal came from Archie Stark. He received a pass, and without a second's hesitation banged the ball into the net. Stark also gave Bethlehem its third and final goal about ten minutes later. It was one of Archie's individual efforts. He fastened on the ball about thirty yards out, went to the left, ran round a couple Hungarians and the ball traveled into the net. It is doubtful that Scullion ever saw the sphere going by him. Rollo got hurt during the last fifteen minutes and Bethlehem finished the game with ten men.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Hungarians
Beveridge -- G -- Scullion
McDonald -- RFB -- Welsch
Allan -- LFB -- Lehle
Rollo -- RHB -- Weidner
Carnihan -- CHB -- Schneider
McGregor -- LHB -- Strauss
Gillespie -- OR -- Kramer
Henighan -- IR -- Kuntner
Stark -- CF -- Pipa
Jaap -- IL -- Szentmikosy
Dick -- OL -- Tuzcs
Goals: Jaap, Stark 2. Substitutes: Gibson for McDonald, Purgavie for Henighan. Scullion for Horn and Ballasa for Weidner. Referee: Williams. Linesmen, Pepper and Forrest. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel journeyed to Brooklyn on Sunday to keep an Eastern League engagement with I. R. T. Rangers. Unfortunately for the Rangers, they found the steelworkers with their shooting boots on and themselves at the end of the game on the short end of a four-to-1 score. This score would have been much heavier but for some good work between the sticks on the part of McClure, goalie, and McGowan, their right fullback.

Bethlehem started out like champions. Jaap shot in and McClure saved. Stark and Purgavie also tested the Rangers' goalie. About fifteen minutes from the start Archie Stark sent in a slashing shot that found the corner of the net. Ten minutes from half time Purgavie received from Jaap and increased the lead. At half time Bethlehem was leading 2 to nothing.

Beveridge saved a couple on the restart from McCullough and Moore and then Bethlehem took a turn. Stark shot wide and Gillespie tested McClure. Jaap and Purgavie troubled with Rangers' backs and these two were responsible for Bethlehem's third goal when Purgavie landed a fast one beyond McClure. Bethlehem's final goal came from Jaap fifteen minutes from the end. With a four-goal lead, Bethlehem eased up some and Beveridge was called on to save from McCullough and Moore. Just before time McCullough scored a pretty goal for Rangers. There was no more scoring. These two weekend victories for Bethlehem gives the team twelve games played, ten won, two lost, a total of twenty points having scored 37 goals and scored on twenty times.

The lineup:

Bethlehem -- Rangers
Beveridge - -G -- McClure
Allan -- RFB -- McGowan
Gibson -- LFB -- Munnick
McGregor -- RHB -- Rogers
Carnihan -- CHB - -McIntosh
Robertson -- LHB -- Coleman
Gillespie -- OR -- Campbell
Curtis -- IR -- McCullough
Stark -- CF -- Moore
Jaap -- IL -- McGivney
Purgavie -- OL -- McKee
Goals: Stark, Purgavie 2, Jaap, McCullough. Referee, George T. Ferrier. Linesmen, P. J. McClone and G. Currie. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club