The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 15, 1925
Jaap, a Pittsburgher, Will be Given Chance to Show Wares Against Brooklyn Saturday

With the Bethlehem Steel F. C., squares off against the Brooklyn Wanderers on the Steel Field on Saturday afternoon a tentative selection on the Bethlehem forward line will introduce a new right wing. In previous games it was either Granger or Georgie Forrest who comprised the makeup of at least part of this forward plank but due to injury sustained by Granger against Providence last Saturday the management is called upon to make several drastic changes in the lineup for Saturday's game.

Johnny Jaap, the diminutive Pittsburgher who joined the club shortly after the season opened, and Purvis, a former star center forward with the Fleisher Yarn team, are the players tentatively selected to assume the responsibilities on the right side of the front line. Purvis has been seen in action on home loam but for Jaap it will be his first appearance before a home town crowd.

In Brooklyn the Steel Workers meet a club characterized as the best road outfit in the circuit. By that it is meant that the majority of Brooklyn's successes this year have been garnered in games away from home. The team accomplished something no other club has achieved thus far this season and that was to register a decisive victory over Boston on the home grounds of the Hubmen. Against New Bedford in an away from home game Brooklyn shared the points with the New Englanders.

Bethlehem Steel, on the other hand, has also proven a seemingly better away from home club than at home. The two defeats experienced by the Steel Workers this season were each sustained on the home grounds, losing to the New York Giants and more recently Providence. The Steel Workers have played four games away from home, winning three and drawing with the Giants in the fourth. The latter game, however, has been ruled by the league executives to be replayed because of the protest made against the eligibility of Jimmy Douglas, the Giants goalie.

In Robertson and McMilan, the Wanderers have one of the best pairs of backs in the league. Both are veteran and experienced players and form a perfect defense for the players Hogg, Curtis, Nelson, Gray and Yule are forwards who cannot be treated lightly. Their selection has been carefully made and they comprise a veteran and seasoned quintet.

The Saturday tilt should result in a good battle, Bethlehem trying to regain the points lost in the recent games and Brooklyn fighting to uphold its reputation as the best road club in the league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club