The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 15, 1926
Providence Comes Here Tomorrow With a Lineup Not Easy to Beat

Final decision on what position Archie Stark will play when the Bethlehem soccer team, national champions, line up against Providence on Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon, will be held in abeyance until shortly before the players are ready to take the field. The management contemplates shifting the brilliant center forward to the inside right position, contending that with Gillespie in center it would not only allow Stark more freedom, but also increase the scoring possibilities of the team.

Men in Good Shape

The players went through their usual big Thursday afternoon scrimmage and emerged in excellent condition. Granger and Gillespie were forced to retire in the Indiana game last Saturday but their injures were nothing more than mere bruises and either one will be ready to play if called upon.

Realizing that the lead in the club standing is jeopardized by the defeat at the hands of Indiana last Sunday, the players are determined to hit another winning stride and hope to be able to turn back the Fletchermen with a defeat. There is another purpose in mind which mainly is to avenge the two setbacks taken from the clam diggers on the home field last year.

In spite of the hard game anticipated at Fall River on Sunday, the club will not take chances of losing the two points possible by a victory over Providence and for that reason will make every effort to stage its strongest club.

Providence Strong

Providence will invade Bethlehem with its usual coterie of stars. Foremost of these are McLaine, a Canadian Internationalist, who will play inside right, and Florie, the brilliant Italian-American player, who will be at the outside left position. Combined with these two stars, Providence has good front liners in Green, Lyons and Auld.

The defensive strength of the visitors is well known and when on their game has players who are not easily beaten. Surgener, the veteran, will be between the uprights with McAuley and Abel, the backs. Izatt, Renfrew and Woods, comprise the halfback line. The teams will probably line up as follows:

Bethlehem -- Providence
Edwards -- G -- Surgener
Barrie -- RFB -- McAulay
Ferguson -- LFB -- Abel
McDonald -- RHB -- Izatt
Carnihan -- CHB -- Renfrew
MacGregor -- LHB -- Woods
Jaap -- OR -- Green
Stark -- IR -- McLaine
Gillespie -- CF -- Lyons
Forrest -- IL -- Auld
Goldie -- OL -- Florie
Kickoff: 3 p.m. Referee -- A. M. Courage.

The American Soccer League games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday follow:

Saturday's Schedule
Boston vs. Giants at Boston, Referee, W. Andrews
Springfield vs. Indiana Flooring at Springfield, Referee, A. Hart.
Coats vs. Brooklyn at Pawtucket, Referee, G. Lambie.
New Bedford vs. Newark at New Bedford, Referee, R. Rose.
Philadelphia vs. Fall River at Philadelphia, Referee, D. Oates. Bethlehem vs. Providence at Bethlehem, Referee, A. M. Courage.

Giants vs. New Bedford at Indiana New York Oval, Referee, J. Hayes.
Indiana Flooring vs. Boston at Indiana New York Oval, Referee, C. Ward.
Brooklyn vs. Springfield at Brooklyn, Referee, Edward J. Donaghy.
Newark vs. J & P Coats at Newark, Referee, J. Connachin.
Fall River vs. Bethlehem at Tiverton, Referee, G. Lambie.
Providence vs. Philadelphia at Providence, Referee, W. Norse.

In the double header at Indiana New York Oval, October 17th, the Giants-New Bedford game will start at 2 p.m. and the Indiana Flooring-Boston game will start at 3:40 p.m. All other games at 3 p.m.

Brooklyn will play its home games at Ebbetts Field, October 17, October 24, October 31.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club