The Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 15, 1928
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Johnny Jaap a Whizz
The return of Johnny Jaap to the front line of the Bethlehem soccer team has performed wonders. The moral influence of this diminutive forward was glaringly evident in the two games played over the weekend when the local team gave its greatest displays of the season. And in both games Jaap back in harness on the forward line was an outstanding player. For several weeks Jaap was laid up to nurse an injured knee. Judging by his come-back performance the rest did home quite some good.

With Popular Approval
The Eastern Soccer League had its opening over the weekend and what an auspicious start. In Bethlehem the conflicting attractions undoubtedly cut down the attendance but the fair gathering that did witness the game against the New York Giants made up in enthusiasm what was lacking in numbers. That sentiment is strongly in favor of the new league was forcibly brought home in the return game in New York on Sunday when 6,000 fans packed Starlight Park to its capacity.

Not for Davy
Davy Brown is one of the few American-born players who has ascended to the height of soccer stardom in this country. For years Davy ranked as one of the most popular players in the metropolitan distinct and it was with great surprise when he was let out by the Giants and went to Fall River only to be traded back to Brooklyn. Always a player of fine character and with high rating in American soccer, Brown did not balk at his transfer. But when Brooklyn wanted Davy to play in the outlawed league the speedy Gotham flash did balk. He was not with Brooklyn yesterday and will hardly be seen with the Brooklyn team in any future games as long as the status of the club remains shady. However, he will not be idle long for every club in the new league would welcome his services. And that goes for Bethlehem, too.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club