The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 18, 1920
It was a National First Round Elimination Contest That Local Eleven Captured
Story of Affair Brings [...] How Ex-Champions Out-Fought Their Rivals

by Sita Dell
The Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated the Hibernians at Cahill Field, Philadelphia, on Saturday afternoon, in the first round of the National Cup competition by the score of 6 goals to 1. At no time during the game did the Hibernians impress spectators as worthy opponents of the Steel Workers, and the big score rolled up by Bethlehem just about indicates the difference between the two elevens.

The "Hibs" tried hard at all times but they were completely out classed and found the Steel Workers in one of their best moods. Taking the aggressive at the very start, Bethlehem soon had the contest for themselves with a clever display of scientific football, much to the pleasure of more than 1,500 spectators.

Campbell, the Bethlehem captain, was unable to take his usual place at center half, and James Wilson, the fullback, filled the position very creditably. No player with the Bethlehem team stood out above his coworkers, every man giving a good account of himself and sharing equally in the easy victory. For the Hibernians, Dutcher, at right half, and Gaynor, inside left, were the most prominent.

Bethlehem won the toss and in the first minute of play, Brittan forced a corner. Nothing resulted, however, but in the next [...] Fleming followed by forcing a corner off Grider, Brittan sending past. A determined attack by Bethlehem was stopped when Kerr hurried Brittan's shot in good style and Easton was then called upon to save from Brigham. The Bethlehem right wing broke away and on a [...] cross shot by Wilson, Fleming opened the scoring with a beautiful shot after eight minutes of play. Bethlehem continued to attack and eight minutes later Forrest got possession of another beautiful cross from Wilson and added the second tally.

The "Hibs" then made a most determined effort and in a scrimmage that followed in the Bethlehem penalty area a penalty was awarded against Collier for hands. Easton had no chance with Brigham's shot and the home town [...] were given their first and really only opportunity to cheer their favorites.

After this score, Bethlehem began to attack with great vigor and it then became apparent that the visiting forwards could add to their score at almost any time. This was indicated a few minutes later when Fleming annexed another, [...] with a clever shot after fine work by Brittan, who drew the opposition to himself and then passed to Fleming who was uncovered. Three minutes later Bethlehem got its fourth goal as the result of a well placed corner from Fleming, Murray heading the ball into the net in good style. Bethlehem continued to have the better of the play but no further scoring took lace in this half and the Steel Workers crossed over with the commanding lead of 4 goals to 1.

In the second half Kerr was the center object of the Bethlehem attack and shots from Brittan and Murray looked dangerous. Easton handled his second shot of the day when McCartney broke through but the Bethlehem custodian was on the job and cleared easily. The Steel Workers continued to attack but Satterwaite and Forrest interrupted the aggressiveness by getting offside. However, it was only a short time before Bethlehem again pressed, Morrison sending past. Forrest forced a corner but Kerr cleared Satterwaite's parting shot. Another corner was forced by Wilson, Brittan sending past. Fleming then got away to a clever run but on his cross Satterwaite missed the bar with a header.

Clever football by the Bethlehem left wing ended in Forrest scoring a beautiful goal from 20-yard range on a pass from Fleming. The Steel Workers were now passing and repassing along the forward line and were not making any real effort to add to their score and it was seldom that the Bethlehem defense was called upon to exert itself.

After 35 minutes of play, Wilson got the final goal after a fine individual effort, completely beating Kerr from close range. From this point on, play continued uninteresting due to the fact that that "Hibs" were completely worn out in their efforts to hold their opponents and the final whistle was a welcome relief to the exhausted Hibernian players. The lineup:

Hibernians -- Bethlehem
Kerr -- G -- Easton
Gilmore --RFB -- Collier
Grider -- LFB -- Ferguson
Dutcher -- RHB -- Murray
Dickson -- CHB -- Wilson
McDonough -- LHB -- Morrison
Blaney - -OR -- Wilson
Thompson -- IR -- Satterwaite
McCartney -- CF - -Brittan
Brigham -- IL -- Forrest
Gaynor -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Fleming, 2; Forrest, 2; Wilson, 1; Murray, 1; Brigham (penalty) 1. Referee -- John Walders. Linesmen -- Duncan and McNichol. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club