Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 18, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Soccer Dispute to be Thrashed
Armstrong Patterson, president of the U. S. F. A>, has finished up his work in the East and he did a good job when he reconciled the warring factions. However, he left in his wake many twists and turns that must yet be ironed out and effort to arrive at some solution to create harmony among all interests effected will be made at a special meeting of the Eastern Soccer League to be held in New York City on Saturday night. Much is expected to materialize at this meeting in the way of a more definite outlook on the proposed merger of this loop with the former outlaw aggregation. It is going to prove a ticklish job for clubs that remained loyal to the league during the days of strife cannot be unceremoniously dropped but in some manner must be compensated for the time and effort, saying nothing of expense, devoted to building up their clubs. The outlaw clubs have accepted the terms set down by the national body. With the Eastern League teams as readily abide by the suggestions to be made relative to the merger?

Merger Inevitable If soccer is to thrive and build up its popularity the talked of merger is inevitable. Surely some satisfactory arrangement can be determined but the question uppermost in mind is whether the issue at state will be as long drawn out as was the soccer war? In that event the fans can look for no change in the league personnel this season. The best that could be expected would be occasional inter-league games on open dates. These, however, would undoubtedly be very few and contingent on weather conditions. Past experiences have been that with occasional postponements brought about by snow, there are few if any dates to be given away to keep the schedule up to date. The New England clubs are keenly desirous of a merger and this plan cannot be effected any too soon to satisfy them. Several clubs in the Eastern League are of the same opinion but feel that they must be considered with the interests that made the new league possible.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club