The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 19, 1926
International Contest Arranged -- Wanted Bethlehem Steel as Part of Team

Negotiations are now under way for a game of international color between Fall river and the touring Sparta Club. It is the same club that Bethlehem was to play in New York City on October 31, but was forced to cancel when the league refused to sanction such a contest at the instance of Indiana Flooring. The latter protested on the grounds of infringing on territorial rights.

Fall River, in its negotiations for a meeting with the Sparta club, is taking no chances of similar protests being made and if the game is played it will be staged in Chicago on November 11. Realizing the popularity of the Bethlehem players in the Middle West, Sam Marks presented a proposition to the Bethlehem management in which he suggest that the team to meet Sparta be composed of half Bethlehem players and the other half of Fall River players . From a commercial standpoint the proposition of Manager marks was well meant. However, Bethlehem would rather meet the Spartas with a club intact. Another reason that Bethlehem cannot accept the Fall River proposition is because the team is scheduled for a twin bill over that date.

That t here is a likelihood of seeing Bethlehem in an international game before long is evident by the negotiations of the Ulster-United Club of Canada. This club is the dominion champion and is very desirous of meeting Bethlehem, the champion soccer team of America. The plans are still tentative, but point to being successfully negotiated.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club