The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 19, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Hot Race in Soccer League
That the championship of the American Soccer League is not going to be a runaway race, such as has been the custom in past years, is apparent at this early stage. With a more equally balanced schedule and merit more equally distributed among the clubs, anything is likely to happen. Bethlehem blazed the trail since the opening game, but is now located in second place with Indiana Flooring on the top. No less than four clubs are close contenders for the top position. Relative to merit being equally distributed, a most convincing illustration occurred over the last weekend when Fall River, sixth in the standing, was walloped by Philadelphia, the latter club next to the cellar position. Then the following day Fall River forced Bethlehem out of the lead by winning from the Steelmen. Anything is likely to happen and it is without a doubt for the good of the game that no one club is recognized so far superior as to make the race a runaway affair.

Bethlehem Soccerites on Shore Team
Several years ago the Ungerer brothers starred with local soccer teams. The brothers were conceded to rank among the best of the sandlot talent. They are living up to their reputation. The brothers, one a forward and the other a fullback, are again regulars on the Atlantic City Aces, the shore soccer representatives. In the opening game played on Sunday, the brothers had much to do in the 5 to 0 victory over the Phoenix Club, of Philadelphia.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club