Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 19, 1929
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Rough Sailing
Soccer has experienced more ups and downs in Philadelphia than any other major league club in the big circuits. It is nothing unusual any more to read that a Quaker eleven has hit the rocks and this information fails to create even the least surprise. Soccer in Philadelphia is destined to the bone yard unless someone comes along capable of running a team and willing to sink a little cash in building up an eleven. Teams in Philadelphia in recent years have been conducted in a slip shot manner and little wonder soccer fans are losing interest. Outside interests financed and produced a team last season, merely as a weapon, it is believed, to battle the organized forces. Bethlehem, too, gratuitously loaned players to the City of Brotherly Love clan and if not mistaken there is still plenty due insofar as financial recompense is involved. Soccer fans are not slow in sensing the real backers of the club and the purpose for which they have been planted in that city. Merely to help along the respective interests they represent. The American League was hard pressed for berths to complete a circuit and contending that Philadelphia was fertile territory was loath to relinquish its hold in this city. But it's all different now. With the soccer war at a close it becomes apparent that the American Soccer League no longer needs a Philadelphia club. In fact, if a merger is effected disposition of this team would be just another obstacle to be removed in bringing about a get-together. And what is the solution? Withdraw the backing and snare back the players and the club must hit the rocks. The team has apparently been unceremoniously dumped, for in announcing the Phillies as though, it is heard that it was not until the American League soccer schedule was announced for this weekend and the Phils were not included, all hope was lost.

Hard to Conceive
It is hard to conceive that a city boasting the population of Philadelphia cannot rig up a team and make the enterprise a paying proposition. And still harder to believe that a city of this size should not be represented in major league soccer. Surely there are enough soccer fans to put the sport on a paying basis. One of these days, perhaps, someone will come along with no strings to the bank roll and willing to take a chance. But until that day it's a foolhardy undertaking to try and promote on a shoe string and appease the lovers of this sport with a patched up outfit and one that is forever flirting with the cellar position.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club